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    Straight people in gay clubs! Would you indulge?

    I'm not gay, but I've been to a couple "gay" clubs in the UK. I have to put the air quotes in because in the UK I have found little difference between the gay clubs and the regular clubs, once I went to a club and I was told afterwards it was a gay club, I wouldn't have known. In the UK the...
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    Trump vs Hillary , who Allyuh got for the next President

    I am always amazed at people who are willing to take Trump at his word. It is obvious for anyone who wants to see that Trump does not give two f8cks about changing the system - after all, he has been a part of the same system. ALL Trump cares about is to ensure that he says what people want to...
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    Trevor Noah imitates Trinidadian Accent

    For someone who's probably never even been to Trinidad I was surprised he knew the accent, so he get's an A for me.
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    Anyone going Cropover 2016?

    I'm thinking about going to Barbados for Cropover 2016 - is there anyone from the forum going?
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    We T&T flop for 2016 in putting out good music !

    Definitely been an OFF year for the "hype" songs really stood out this year and captured the imagination like previous years. In the next 5 years people will struggle to remember ANY song from 2016 Trini Carnival.
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    Why is there such bad blood between St.kitts and Nevis?

    Almost all island groupings (Antigua and Barbuda, T&T) have a similar level of "bad blood". Primarily due to the fact that these groupings were made for geographic closeness as opposed to necessarily cultural and social similarity. In addition, the smaller islands will generally ALWAYS have a...
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    TNT Carnival 2017 Travel & Lodging Problems

    Try Antigua carnival instead
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    MMR Vaccine and Autism

    Why? While I cannot speak on every single vaccine, it has been conclusively proven through a number of studies and meta analyses that the MMR vaccine and autism are in no way linked. The ONLY reason why anyone even discussed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism is because of the study...
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    This site is so dead....

    Agree with you here Disagree with you there
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    How much some of allyuh know Caribbean Life?

    Has nothing to do with age. Unlike most of the people on Imix, I'm born and bred in the Caribbean (Antigua) yet have never heard of "planass" in my island. As was said quite clearly, some of the terms and other things are limited to a specific island or islands and NOT the entire caribbean.
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    Side Hustles: Do you have one?

    My freelance writing usually nets me a few hundred a month. Currently looking to move up and make a proper decent part time living - over $2000 per month, before I transition into it full time.
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    Describe expatriates returning to your island

    A lot of people visit Antigua (and probably the rest of the Caribbean) and think that living here is all rainbows and fairys. They're then hit with the reality of bad customer service, a horribly ineffective and slow public service, and relatively low wages with high cost of living...
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    The Truth About Jamaica and Jamaicans (also applies to other Caribbean countries)

    I was a CARIBBEAN HISTORY major at university. There is little need for me to watch outdated videos on something I have studied extensively. I have also read They Came Before Columbus in it's entirety as part of my course. I know far more about Caribbean history than you can ever hope to, but...