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    **Official True Blood Season 2 Thread**

    Mary Ann is a maenad. "Maenad is -- In Greek mythology, Maenads (Greek: Μαινάδες) were the inspired and frenzied female worshipers of Dionysus, the Greek god of mystery, wine, and intoxication, the Roman god Bacchus. Their name literally translates as "raving ones". They were known as wild...
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    My husband's teammate is the groom's dad, he was very upset about the episode. Phone was ringing off the hook after it aired. I don't the girl, but she is known not to be the nicest it seems. Not sure what he see in she AT ALL!
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    Nope, personally know a groom from an episode. It was the real deal, shawty was a monster.
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    Have You Ever Been in A Great Relationship

    Been in one for yrs, married him last year.
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    I would never question a daughter (or son) tears for her FATHER. Doh listen to ppl chupid talk
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    Police Chase on MSNBC

    Whap lash!
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    Mj's doc is a trini

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    Breaking news

    Gimme a cpl mos, let me have dis child first then we can go
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    Breaking news

    I work on that corner, our building was about to be evacuated but they said it's a false alarm.
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    "I wasn't born during the French revolution but i know about it"

    That episode was really good, Paul Begala is meh real hoss.
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    So they found the missing laventille girl dead!

    This one is ah lil too much for me. Lawd.
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    Six weeks of maternity leave :(

    This is news to me man and so unfortunate.
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    Six weeks of maternity leave :(

    6 weeks?? where the hell in the US gives 6 weeks? I thought the standard leave was 12. At least that's what I'm getting here. Enlighten me please.
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    Exotica mas

    Best reply yet. Dat was focking embarrassing.