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    Creative ring designs

    Check your pm!
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    So I have some peeps with IP costumes for SALE:

    Nah that's the depoist put down on the costume. I'm sure once you connect with Islandpeople they will show you the receipt and what is left. There's no trying thing here in this case.
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    So I have some peeps with IP costumes for SALE:

    Yes that's the downpayment price... and yes SUNSHINE full costume including headpiece.
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    So I have some peeps with IP costumes for SALE:

    2 Island People Ray of Light BACKLINE costumes for sale @ $350 each 1st Costume-sizes all Large 2nd Costume-Bra-Large Belt-Medium Bottom Bikini Medium & Large Please respond with only SERIOUS inquiries only. Peace n' Blessings
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    lol... I had a great time with mi band! Then I had to leave dem for the 2 Grenadian bands behind us, it's always fun, drums and bush! lol
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    which IP section will sell out first???????

    Also Heavenly Sky frontline!
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    Psalms 23

    Thanks alot Mr. BlackRock, I had this on a cd some years ago and had to look for the chune... I forgot the emotion, the instruments especially the guitar and their strong voices where it would take me... *goes into meditation*
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    Ip why

    :dance: you done know!! lol :dance:
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    hey hon, are you playing with IP 2k9?

    hey hon, are you playing with IP 2k9?
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    Island People says about Registration:

    lol... :yu: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
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    First and Only Female Grand Marshall of the 41st Brooklyn Carnival Festival:

    Yes, she was one of my professors when I was at Medgar and she's also from Trinidad. "Prospero's Daughter" was an amazing book btw!
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    Re-post too eh?!?!?

    Hey sis yes, I'm definitely up and kickin!!! I am loving your haiiiiir btw! lol Peace n' Blessings to you too! Sir Dutty LOL... I can see someone ole' aunt beating this poor chile with some backayard bush!!
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    W.D.A. I reading? This priest has to be bored!?

    hiiiiiiiiiii sis!!! *givees a warm hug* I'm going to bless the Natural/Loc thread l8ter this evening with a pic of the hair btw!
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    Re-post too eh?!?!?

    I had to turn it off midway... I can see years of therapy for this child more like a spiritual bath Lawd!!