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  • oh yes.. our romance just got pushed aside by the happenings of the impending year.. but i just glanced down and see that.. umm Bug is in the mix too? wha di mix up and blenda a gwaan ya suh? Lawd gad *looks up to heavens* yu nuh see how im come fi mek mi sin mi soul and mek di police dem TEK MI WEH! george mek up yu b$$^$#$@t mind! *storms out of wall*
    is dat right.. lol.. so i guess soon you wudda be singing "everytime i talk to a woman out dere.. everybody claim seh mi deh wid har" given your proclivity for chatting up females on imix board..
    Go to hell!! What's me to be afraid of?! I can handle you just fine. lol unno love the alpha male ting and I am a zen kinda girl :grin:
    well I am not the silent type when I am sexing, but I wont scream nuttin bout love :grin:
    Sorry, didnt mean to big up your smartness inna public! i'll be sure to never do it again:eek:k:
    I just buss out one big dutty laff :rofl: :rofl:
    As long as you dont chat no shyt in my ears bout u love me......... :rolleyes:
    :kicks i see...i just remembered it was coming up. ya have any plans made ? i know it's in the middle if the week...but still....
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