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    Favorite Reggae Love Song... one sayin beres hammond, ONE DANCE...damn i love that one....mmm hmmm :)
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    Now I understand.....

    Re: Re: Now I understand..... ...WOW!! All I can say is very well said! :D
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    inter-racial mixin

    hey for real...whenever we go to Toronto, walkin in the street hand in hand, no one pays us any mind at is so nice! but here in this little city i am from, not so much! Although we have started to see a significant amount of mixed couples (of all races and colours) around
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    inter-racial mixin

    true dat!! ya know, like i said i only seen it rarely, an it usually at the club to be honest if someone look at me sideways with a black man...whatever...but i always was curious if it really is a myth... glad most people think that it is!
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    inter-racial mixin

    ok...this is really a burnin question of mine... and i am sure you all have covered it it a myth or reality it's like "they" always say how women of colour hate any time they seein a colour man with a white woman. I mean i have seen it sometimes when I am out with my...
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    Cooking Club!!!

    YEAHHHH!!!! I can finally learn how to make some of these foods that i loved when in trinidad, and of course my trini man would be happy as anything to see me makin him some roti, curry chicken, doubles, etc.. LET'S EAT!! :lol
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    Imix Lyrical Battle- Harizon, Nv da Kyd, ST KITTS JAM and tramericanJr

    Re: ummmm.... damn...where my head...(don't answer that lol)... serious though - you are right..your song right from the start pulled me in this thread to begin with...made me wanna read all the rest!! no joke...liked your lyrics too... i still wish we could here it all to a beat though!!
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    what u people think about SYNERGYTV

    ya know...i really really love the concept too...i even really like the music except the reptition! I think they need to expand the play list a bit. I was in Trinidad when the channel kicked off....i do really like it. It reminds me of when MuchMusic here in Canada started out BUT they gotta...
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    My next beef

    how you attractin ugly a** women?? you sweet lookin...must be somethin else :lol
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    Please Look ..... Seriously @ Pic

    damn you one sick puppy de Iron de Bottle!! :p
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    Imix Lyrical Battle- Harizon, Nv da Kyd, ST KITTS JAM and tramericanJr

    ...damn, ya know i walk in this late....but this one hits it it :fyah
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    Imix Lyrical Battle- Harizon, Nv da Kyd, ST KITTS JAM and tramericanJr

    ....NICE!! i really like this one!! ;)
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    how allyuh like thiz chorus 4 mah song...

    hey...that soundin so good, i want to hear it playin ;-)
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    The hardest word in the English, and ....'s by Blessed...nice choice btw!:)