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  • So Hottie Hottie LLC would like to know who are the women in your avatar. We think they deserve a thread, credits are not an issue, name your price.

    Let me say this to you, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE on this SITE knows ANYTHING about me, because I have NEVER ASSOCIATE myself with anyone on here, be it instant messaging, phone calls or offline meetings.

    So whenever you want to know anything about the person that goes by the name of VINCYPOWA, your BEST BET is to converse with him DIRECTLY.

    Nevertheless, I HOPE I look the way I do now when I reach 60 or 65. :kicks:kicks


    By the way, do not take PERSONAL OFFENSE to anything I say to you in a debate. I know my words tend to appear a bit aggressive at times, but it is nothing PERSONAL, so do not take it that way.

    Oh yeah, I do not hold GRUDGES, but I cannot say the same for OTHERS.

    When I say OTHERS, I am speaking in GENERAL.

    See you around….stay sweet.
    i being quite honest but I think that it goes both ways on the thread cos some people make remarks that are bitter towards men.. as well as men makin remarks towarsd women.. why people so serious about this board!! i'm like damn.. crazy.
    i was trying to give them a stage for any possible sexist remarks but i guess they en biting. Cos besides the guys that are plain idiots etc i don't see sexism as much as other things
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