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    Labor Day Attitude and Delusional Attitude

    Pebbles im really shocked to see you talk and act the way you are. Everyone has an opinion and they dont have to be fake phony fraud ####################es because of that. And if they are then they are and only lying to themself. Let it go and move on to your 2k10 presentation. This shit...
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    Fanny J & Slai - Je Me Rappelle

    the clip sounds nice, i like :grin: question why are you labeling this song "zouk" tikreyol
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    Civil Weddings

    more maternity
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    Civil Weddings
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    Civil Weddings

    Jim Hjelm - Bridal Gowns and Bridesmaids Gowns these are from the "just teas" collection and they come in ivory these come in white and ivory i could post dresses from this site all day, just check the site lol
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    Civil Weddings

    Online shopping for brand names at discounted prices. Duvet covers, sheets, shoes, handbags & more; find the best bargains at
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    Civil Weddings

    Nordstrom: Designer Collections and Top Apparel, Shoe and Beauty Brands
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    Civil Weddings

    Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Gowns and Accessories from David's Bridal
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    TNT Carnival Airfare

    steups ill be gone by then i wont get to see you heffa
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    TNT Carnival Airfare

    YOU GOING? :fairy
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    Dream Team Costumes

    who brought up this old thread from 1994 :confused
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    Ip Costumes Prices.....

    well check your voicemail for the message(s) TC sent you last night and contact her quick so she can go down the merry go lane laterz will be greaterz
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    Ip Costumes Prices.....

    huh??????????????? scroll up and youll see the price list in this thread their also on both since last wake up babes :kicks
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    ISLANDpeople Costumes Review

    i read saucys blog early this morning and i got an instant headache like MsEHarbor im soooo confused, i totally need the site to be up to make up my mind im still not feeling Zebra though :no2:
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    Lady of the lake

    pretty costume, the backline that is, it was of one my two Tribe choices