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  • Yea its an ego thing and secretly even if they remain road dogs, I feel the first guy judges the 2nd ie he is not to be trusted (in the instance things end the girl wasn't mistreated in the 1st relationship) how could you not watch a friend a ways that don't mind your scraps? It's not that you want her anymore just that why he mus choose to pursue her. Also what you mention it don't have to go as far a marriage, what about a house lime or party its like when those 2 men hanging out in public the girl knows to be gone cos the first guy can't stand to be around her. Anyways I does jus stay in the cut and watch the scenes my life a nuh soap opera.
    not something to do barring this person is yourrsoulmate and you pretty sure you gonna marry them cos most times even when ppl have strong feelings and so sure they can't fight the feelings the relationship never makes it so it was all for nothing imo, what you learned and grew from the experience? you could have had that relationship with someone else and have it fail the same way w/o the extra drama.
    Recently I saw something like this go down and it jus reiterate its not worth it , doesn't work and from the outside looking in i wonder about the motivation of 1 of the parties. But hey, what do I know, I'm the single one right lol. It's interesting when ppl go do things cos they prob know what your advice would be yet you know what it is they doing all the while even before they decide to tell you.
    Plenty tings happen you just sit down, watch and take notes.
    ha you learn well from zeb with the betting phrasing.... thats the same problem u had when allyuh was making de bet "mi nuh inna d lawyer so an so will not lose" :kicks:
    u juss reach back from yaad or wha? everybody is ur doggist lol jus so long as u ain mek dat mistake wid me . I'm babyluv not doggist :kicks:
    ah see.
    not really what i interested in per debate or being eye opening.
    sorry for her but maybe it was a blessing she found out something she needed to know.
    The thing is me and Fiyah was saying the exact thing... Lets put it this way some ppl can do long division others need a calulator

    yuzimi :grin:

    luv yuh still
    Rough but swift hopefully. :(
    So were you able to attend the funeral
    Thats so senseless.
    Maybe gang initiation ting? cos there's no motive... and thats so close to downtown Mt. Vernon/Chinatown .... Crazy !
    He was a positive light this is just too sad
    wow. you have a link to a news article or it don't even get reported? What happened?
    I'm really sorry to hear that accept condolences
    It's her belly.
    You can still see his face... if it was in the fluff all you would see is the top of his head.
    Mek yuh stay so cantakerous lol
    oh the bk one i just bypass for my sanity and his image I have to believe he does it to get a rise outta ppl
    Oh fuh real the board or teleconference so I ain see much... maybe i missed it
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