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    Hotel Rwanda

    just saw it last night for the first time....must say a very powerful movie, based on a true story!
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    goin straigh to the point.... A friend is born, not made. I feel that people just abuse the word "friend(s)" and just apply it to anyone they speak to and associate with. I too was doin the same, until i stopped and thought about it. I only have a few people who deserve the title of a...
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    Name This IMIXER

    when u does carry on so...u go be on right on Imix .....LOL.... UWI Splash was real sweet....more soon come....
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    Name This IMIXER

    havin a time???
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    Name This IMIXER

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    I Booked My Flight...for Tnt2k5

    pre flight 1878 lime by me.... after we head nice, we take it to EWR straight to POS...... its on.........
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    How to break up

    the future is in your hands do what you feel is right. its hard to leave a job especially when your relationship with your boss and co-workers is a good one. but all in all, you need to do whats best for you. if he is a sincere person, he will let you walk out of that office, becaue he will...
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    Buying my ticket to TNT 2K5

    not sure we can buy alkeee on de plane but i know i carryin Captain........who got the henney???
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    Buying my ticket to TNT 2K5

    So you can always fly with me and hypnotic mixer myself and Captain....we all travelin on d same flight. come join de lime.....
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    Buying my ticket to TNT 2K5

    its right behind u! Captain commin wit we......u heard! hope u ready!
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    Tropical Storm Charley.. wait...yuh just get up and go.....i see how u move.......!!!
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    Hi Everyone!!

    make peace not war.
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    Hi Everyone!!

    i thought u were busy with work...>>>>>????? SLACKER!!! lol
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    Ladies...i Need Your Opinion...

    u know i got mad love for u!!!...this one is for u!LOL!
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    Imix Drunk stories...

    haha......boi.....can i post the other one??? haha.....that was one crazy long as shooter gives permission.....u all will laugh when u see the next one.....he sleepin with he eyes open....hahahaa..... remember shooter..?????haha