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    West Indian radio station on iTunes?

    Does anyone know where I can find a radio station on iTunes where I can listen to soca?
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    Curry Crab and dumpling

    Where can I get good crab and dumpling in Brooklyn or Queens? Someone mentioned Sandy's Roti shop on Liberty. Has anyone been there or tried their food? Help.
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    Machel 8PM show

    I nhave ticket for the 12 pm show, however I would like to switch to go to the 8pm show. If anyone has tickets please link me...
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    8 PM Machel MSG tickets?

    I have tickets for the 12PM show. I want to go to the 8pm show instead... If anyone have tickets and is interesting in switching link me ASAP.
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    West Indians in Florida

    What part of Miami and Ft Lauderdale do most west indians live?
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    Sugar cane Halloween fete

    Anybody wearing a costume? Is it mandatory, required, necessary? :vampire: I want to go but can not make up my mind on whether or not I need a costume? HELPP :shout:
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    If Only....

    Some of the other bands would step their game up like Tribe, we masqueraders would not be going through this. :mad :protest:
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    HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM :wizard: :confused
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    I need some Clarity

    For Nylon pool, which option is $383 and which option is $867 Please provides pics if possible.
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    Hawks Official Mas Camp Opening

    This Sunday 7/ 17/ 2005 is the official HAWKS Intl mas camp opening. Food and Drinks will be served, costumes will be on display. So guys mark your calendar
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    SO how was Bunji last nite?

    Details please :secrets
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    Facial chemical Peel

    Has anyone tried it? What salon did u go to? Would you recommend it?
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    Jouvert in Toronto

    Someone was tellin me about Jouvert In toronto caribana friday night. Can anyone confrim this?
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    Caribana Question

    What are the vibes from the most popular mas bands in Toronto? For instance, the crowd, serviciablility, etc. So far my top choices are Carnival Nationz, Callaloo, and maybe another band.
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    Saucy Divas

    Big up allyuh self! :clapping: Costumes Nice :2cents
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    When is the next Socalpyso fete? Any backyard jams? :victory:
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    Soca itunes websites?

    Does anyone know a site where I can download soca itunes to my ipod?
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    Reviews of Hawks Boatride

    Any reviews from Hawks Boatride?
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    South Street Seaport

    Is anyone going to the South Street seaport this evening to support the MTV Caribbean premier?
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    So this morning, I got to work and this lady that I work with (mix white) says to me that she has a friend who is black and is racist. I said why? and she began to tell me a little scenario... As a black woman you are on the train, to the left of you is a white man, and to the right is a black...