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  1. Empressdududahlin

    So I have some peeps with IP costumes for SALE:

    2 Island People Ray of Light BACKLINE costumes for sale @ $350 each 1st Costume-sizes all Large 2nd Costume-Bra-Large Belt-Medium Bottom Bikini Medium & Large Please respond with only SERIOUS inquiries only. Peace n' Blessings
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    First and Only Female Grand Marshall of the 41st Brooklyn Carnival Festival:

    Dr. Elizabeth Nunez, Provost of Medgar Evers College, to Serve as First and Only Female Grand Marshall of the 41st Brooklyn Carnival Festival August 14th, 2008 Dr. Elizabeth Nunez, Provost and Senior Vice President of Medgar Evers College, will serve as the first and only female Grand Marshall...
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    W.D.A. I reading? This priest has to be bored!?

    Pageant for nuns canceled His intention was to show the nuns' interior beauty, priest's blog says MSNBC News Services updated 11:14 a.m. ET, Tues., Aug. 26, 2008 ROME - An Italian priest, who had planned an online "pageant" for nuns, has suspended the project, saying he was misinterpreted and...
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    Island People says about Registration:

    Update: ONLINE REGISTRATION IS AVAILABLE DURING THE SAME TIMES AS OUR MAS CAMP HOURS. Island People Mas | Heaven on Earth | Trinidad Carnival 2009
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    "HEAT"- Sanelle Dempster is real' FIYAAH!!

    This chune is sweeeeeeeeeeettt... - Soca Track Check it out here!!
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    Essence Hair Gallery:

    Essence Hair Gallery for all types of textures and lengths!!
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    Mama Africa sung by Akon written by Hakim formerly from "The Boys"

    Peace n' Blessings, I know I posted some months ago a myspace link about the 90's group "The Boys" and how much they have evolved from this boy band to this group of brothers who've moved back to Gambia, Africa and making AMAZING music! Here's a quick Wikipedia Link about "The Boys" to read a...
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    "Getting the Life I Deserve" Pledge:

    So I'm looking through Essence magazine this month's issue and I land on this: "Getting the Life I Deserve" Pledge. Editor-in-Chief Angela Burt Murray suggests getting friends together, making copies of this pledge and complete them. Then for everyone to do check-ups with your friend and family...
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    Did you pick up this month's issue of Essence:

    Yeah it's a bit skimpy however I love this issue for the ageless beauties!! Here's a link to the Ageless Beauties! They look absolutely beautiful, there's even a Trini in de crop of mamas... and homegirl cook in heels! lol Ageless Beauty Millicent Hunter, Ed.D. Millicent Hunter, Ed.D., 57...
  10. Empressdududahlin

    R.I.P. South African Reggae singer: Lucky Dube.

    I love this man's music and it hurts me to hear such sad news... I'm studying South African history this semester and highjackings and rapes are an everyday occurance... May he R.I.P. Lucky Dube Shot Dead in Joburg SABC news, and SAPA have reported tonight that South Africa's international...
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    Can't wait to see McFarlane 2008:

    Mac Farlane 2008 Presents "Earth": Mac Farlane Carnival 2008 - The Introduction
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    I just love the way the colors...

    POP on the King Fisher bird costume... I even want his necklace!
  13. Empressdududahlin

    Footwear Carnival Peeps:

    So far for my King Fisher Peeps this would be perfect with a flat heel or chunky heel but the copper metallic is beautiful: what are ya'll looking at this year with your costumes or hopeful costumes for those who haven't registered.
  14. Empressdududahlin

    IP Masqueraders, what are your top choices right now:

    I'm really feeling these: Dragon Lizard Black Widow Spider Lion (people sleeping on this Lioness... I love the headpiece... very abstract) Silver Fox
  15. Empressdududahlin

    FETE IS A WORKOUT!! This past weekend was my CARNIVAL PREPARATION!

    So this weekend I went to one SICKKKK MAWNIN BOATRIDE and WET MUGFEST (which was still beautiful).... And I tell you, just go to fetes, limit the drinks... and you have a WORKOUT!! lol... Here are my new chunes as a CARNIVAL Motivation!!! Down Low- Zoelah- I TELLL YOU THIS CHUNE... SMH! You...
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    Important Announcement from the Sokalypso Team:

    Dear Patrons, We have come to a decision at the last hour to postpone our RAMAJAY boat ride scheduled for 8/17 at 7pm located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Many of you have expressed the early departure concern and not being able in time to reach the docks before pull off and we fully...
  17. Empressdududahlin

    Eh eh... was that rain or a hurricane this mornin:

    That rain was one serious down pour with Thunder like drums and lightening like Iron! I heard no trains are running right now and traveling is a bit crazy... Be Safe peeps... It should be raining again a lil later so carry yuh umbrella with you... and maybe some rain boots.
  18. Empressdududahlin

    *faints in thread* A brotha with locs...

    Lawd I ent trying to turn in here OPP and all but since we were on the subject of locs in the previous thread cough cough triniprincess76... i just had to!:
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    Fashion tip: How to get deodorant off of your clothes:

    Sometimes if feels like these white smudges are inevitable- so it's a relief to learn that you can get rid of them simply by lightly and briskly rubbing them with a pair of good old nylon stockings. Just let the stain dry. hold the garment taut, and go at it... thank you Lucky!