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    Basketball Just got Fun Again

    U was bored huh?! :beta:
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    50+ killed in Las Vegas Strip massacre.

    Crazy ass whiteys again
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    NBA Finals 2017: Cavs vs Warriors

    OKC didn't sell Harden, they didn't re-sign him. They didn't see the value in him H-Town saw As for Knicks yuh right is so dey stay Tristan wasn't the issue from what I saw. Kyrie is only dependable sometimes and others not. He did a lot of bullshit in the closing moments of game 3 especially...
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    The 12 Best Dancehall & Reggaeton Choruses of the 21st Century....Turn Me On Top....

    It really isn't tho. Once people can sing along to your chorus and like the melody you could speak gibberish in the verses about world annihilation and people would still love the song. I hear ah homo fella talk about being in the club and going mad fuh Capleton "bun out di chi-chi" before he...
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    NBA Finals 2017: Cavs vs Warriors

    Adam Silver doesn't like it, but no rules are being broken so not much can really be done about it. He will have to be very creative and whatever he comes up with will likely have to be collectively bargained with the NBPA. I agree it is boring though. Too bad Leonard got hurt in game 1...
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    Allyuh concern about the crime in T&T and what can we do to help out ?

    Are you 5 or something? Can you conduct a civilized conversation without acting like an infant? The incentive will always be money plain and simple. If they actually do what they are paid to, then there would be a vetting process that should root out some (if not most) of the corruption. If...
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    Allyuh concern about the crime in T&T and what can we do to help out ?

    I highlighted something you apparently missed. I never claim to know everything, I simply state something I think can be an option based on the rampant corruption that exists. I am more than willing to hear other potentially better ideas. I doh care about being right in this as much as I...
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    Allyuh concern about the crime in T&T and what can we do to help out ?

    I said temporarily yuh fockin conthole. Right now there is too much corruption from top to bottom. Therefore only persons without a vested interest in politics or connections to the high rollers can get the ball rolling. Without that is only hope and pray while society becomes more and more...
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    Allyuh concern about the crime in T&T and what can we do to help out ?

    To begin to address the situation will require drastic action. The police force requires outsiders with 0 ties to Trini to lead and reform. It doesn't have to be forever but it needs to happen. After that then current members of the force can have their histories forensically evaluated...
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    Jamaica on the world stage again....carnival!

    There will always be a certain level of ignorance in what people who claim "fight down" express. But it comes from a place percieved disadvantaged. Unlike many I don't even take it personally when any dancehall artists or the fans take a swipe at soca. Their claims of soca being more slack...
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    The Man Who Was Dragged Of United Airlines Flight. Whats Yall Thoughts?

    Class action will stall unless it seeks to change overall airline policies. If the action seeks damages it will fail because the right to remove even paid passengers as needed is in the terms and conditions. It's a set of rights that they did not ever bank on having to enforce but became...
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    Allyuh concern about the crime in T&T and what can we do to help out ?

    It will not fix anytime soon. Too much corruption from top to bottom with people always willing to look the other way for a small change. Yuh boy yuh grow up with in the coast guard and will hol ah lil change and tell yuh exactly when to go Venezuela and come back. If yuh carry ah bail ah...
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    ICE Immigration Agent s In Da Hood .........

    People doh look closely at these things. somebody sent me that in whatsapp and say ice raid in NY. I respond and ask where in NY we have french writing and trains that look so? still awaiting a reply. Plenty others on shit, regurgitating shit they heard or read somewhere on social media and...
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    2017 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Coverage

    If Full Extreme doesn't take roadmarch it is absolutely fixed. From on the ground I can tell allyuh very few people care for Beat It. In fact more seem to prefer Your Time Now of the 2 Machel power tracks. But Full Extreme is the masqueraders pick. In our band the first truck asked us before the...
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    *Brand New* Machel Montano - Beat It. Soca 2017

    Controversy on the horizon with this track. Mista Lyon claim to have written and recorded his song since April 2016 and can prove it. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    DJs Come Post Your New Soca Mixes

    <iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""></iframe> PART III
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    Charly Black Bust A Yard and Foreign...10,000,000 Sold, certified Diamond

    Timeka Marshall is a reggae singer. Her nationality being Guyanese doesn't change that. Natural Black is also Guyanese and flies the flag proudly, yet that doesn't negate or change what he does. She is not now or has ever been regarded as a "Soca" artist. Not sure how all of a sudden she...
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    New Machel Montano - FAST WINE!

    Good vibes!!!
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    VP when someone on ignore you can choose whether or not to view their posts. So it's possible he does have you on ignore but maybe cant resist peeking at what you write lol