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    Trinidad Carnival 2015 housing available

    For me I really enjoyed the vibes at the parties and events i went to. I can also say I went there with a great crew we just had good carnival fun. I am looking forward to going again next year. How did the carnival "Buss" for you?
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    Trinidad Carnival 2015 housing available

    Buss carnival.....boy i don't where you went this year be this was the best. But to each their own.
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    Trinidad Carnival 2015 housing available

    Before i left Trinidad people were booking their hotel rooms. Its TOO REAL
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    Trinidad Carnival Flights 2015

    Flights direct out of JFK available with payment plans on select travel days and times for more info email
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    C'est La Vie all-inclusive

    Scalpers are your best bet.
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    Sorry i am sold out

    Sorry i am sold out
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    C'est La vie or Beach House? Trinidad Carnival 2014

    I have 2 C'est Le Vie tickets for sale
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    C'est La vie or Beach House? Trinidad Carnival 2014

    If you never been to either you won't know what you are missing. Both parties are great options so you won't lose either way.
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    The Trinidad Official Carnival 2014 thread .. who ready????

    IP taking too long so Yuma seeing alot of folks.
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    Notting Hill Carnival 2K13 - The Official Imix Thread

    it was ok until the bottles start to fly
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    Island Fusion Male for sale

    For Sale- 2 Male Island Fusion packages sizes XL and Small..please inbox for info.
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    CropOver 2k13.. who's going???
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    CropOver 2k13.. who's going???

    Tired from what?
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    CropOver 2k13.. who's going???

    Me....Baje....Island Fusion
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    Trinidad 2k13 Reviews

    You gotta to be specific when you make that statement lol. You said flatbush and first thing come to mind is not the park slope stretch.
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    CropOver 2k13.. who's going???

    Can't miss cropover. I will be there. My fetes list.....I am playing in Baje, and newbies shouldn't go to any party promoted by Dahved Levy.
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    Trinidad 2k13 Reviews

    Oh gosh no its not. Ariapita is very tourist driven now and there is no part of Flatbush ave that reflects that.
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    Trinidad 2k13 Reviews

    I can't base a party based on the type of brand liquor is being served. Once the music is good i don't need alcohol to enjoy myself. There were boat rides for $65US and you had to still bring your own drinks now that's a waste of money.
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    Trinidad 2k13 Reviews

    We Wednesday - Great fete. I did the "Get It" couldn't be bothered with cooler and such. So that side of the fence was pure vibes and enough drinks flowing Tribe Ignite - It was ok only for the fact i was able to run into so many friends that i hadn't seen in years. I would not do it for 2K14...
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    Trinidad Airline ticket for sale

    Dates February 6 - 13th Direct both ways on Caribbean Airlines. You can change the return flight at an additional cost. PM if interested or spread the word an email me at Happy Holidays