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  1. Alpha Unit

    Check out the mix!

    Alpha Unit 2K16 Dancehall Madness Vol. 1
  2. Alpha Unit

    Former Imixer gone

    Our former forum member DJ Trixx passed away last weekend. Just thought I'd share the info for any holdovers that remember him on the forum.
  3. Alpha Unit

    Naked Model with painted on Jeans goes virtually unnoticed in NYC

    Sharp contrast from the woman who get "harassed" walking around with actual clothes on. Food for thought?! </iframe>
  4. Alpha Unit

    So No Discussion of the autopsy report concerning Mike Brown?

    Tissue fragments on the police vehicle means close range shots and very close to the vehicle. How does that happen from 20 feet away?
  5. Alpha Unit

    Woman Files For Maternity Of Beyonce And Jay-Z’s Baby

    A woman by the name of Tina Seals has reportedly filed a maternity lawsuit in a Manhattan court claiming to be the biological Mother of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s only child, Blue Ivy, according to The legal document allegedly states that Seals is the woman who actually gave birth to...
  6. Alpha Unit

    So now Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks owner) gettin taken to task....

    for his statements. Mark Cuban: 'I'm bigoted in a lot of different ways' Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is known for bold statements, and he made a few Wednesday at a conference in Nashville on the topic of banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. "I know I'm prejudiced, and I...
  7. Alpha Unit

    I was hoping I read this wrong when I saw it!

    Nigeria First Lady Orders Arrest Of Protest Leaders Calling For Return Of 276 Missing Schoolgirls LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Nigeria's Islamic extremist leader is threatening to sell the nearly 300 teenage schoolgirls abducted from a school in the remote northeast three weeks ago, in a new videotape...
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    Why when woman cah geh man.......

    dey does play dey claimin single by choice?
  9. Alpha Unit

    Lord Of De Rings

    Clean out yuh box if yuh want deze piggy pics
  10. Alpha Unit

    Eva buss ah rell stink one...

    an ha to move quick befaw enybudy com an reahlyze is u pum stink so? Was just usin de copier, hallway clear an feel ah pum bubblin. So ah squeeze it out silent, Jah Rastafari da ting stink!! Ah was only prayin to finish meh copies an retreat to meh office befaw sumbudy pass an see meh ryte...
  11. Alpha Unit

    I wonder if shyte like this is real?!!!

    33 worst moms! Some of the pics are funny and some are just no words nah.. Check them out
  12. Alpha Unit

    ProudTrini oye!!

    Hold up da flag high!!! Doh leh none ah dem tell yuh nutten!! Oh and since I eh used to seein yuh rong hea, welcome :meeting:
  13. Alpha Unit

    Man Cutts of Penis "it's no good to me" WTF?!!!

    Depressed Chinese bachelor cuts his penis off because it's surplus to requirements then CYCLES to hospital for treatment (but forgets to take severed organ with him) A Chinese man frustrated at being single cut off his own penis then, in agony, decided to cycle to a hospital for treatment...
  14. Alpha Unit

    Doh Stick DragQueen

    TODAY Group E 2:45 PM Schalke 04 v Chelsea 2:45 PM Steaua Bucuresti v FC Basel Group F 2:45 PM Arsenal v Borussia Dortmund 2:45 PM Marseille v Napoli Group G 2:45 PM Austria Vienna v Atletico Madrid 2:45 PM FC Porto v Zenit St Petersburg Group H 2:45 PM AC Milan v Barcelona 2:45...
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    Missing from the Assylum

    Whos's been barely here in Backchat lately? Where is Bhalistix Where is VP Where is TriniLion Where is Essential Flower
  16. Alpha Unit

    Tings dat bad in Jamaica?!

    Dis eh no island wars bullshit so doh court dat.
  17. Alpha Unit


    Ever had one? When I was younger (in my teens I mean) anytime I went out of state I would end up with 2 or 3 girls that wanted to keep in touch. Outta state gyul use to make me feel like I was ah champion oui.
  18. Alpha Unit

    Can certain features make........

    people seem ugly? Out in the field last Friday I saw this group of early/mid 20s white girls and one of them had a big nose. I swear it was like distortion in music (no matter how good it sounds, after a while yuh just have to say fock dis bullshit lol), that shnoz really make she look ah...
  19. Alpha Unit

    Can a successful relationship.........(Part II)

    end in a breakup?
  20. Alpha Unit

    So if yuh have......

    ah dog an it shit on yuh bed, wha yuh go do?