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    What's the quickest way to get through customs? I'm going to Trinidad on 2/13...I'm getting in kina late and I'm tryin to make it to Soca Monarch! Declare something ent?
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    Who lives in the Bahamas??

    What up y'all, I need a link with a promoter/party planner...preferably female :drag:
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    Evelyn Lozada is 6 mths

    pregnant and its not Chads! :ohgosh:...WTF! daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn son Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada 'is six months pregnant'... and ex Chad Johnson is NOT the father | Mail Online
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    Naomi Campbell dated..

    Mike Tyson??!! I guess once u go black u DO go back :meeting:
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    I need some clarification PLEASE...

    Can u provide a list of your untouchables pleeeeeeeeeeease?? All the years on this board, people have said such disgusting things to me...talkin bout my dead husband, wishing harm to my children and NEVER have i seen u or any mod say boo...let us know who ur pets are, please and thanks :drag:
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    Who's all dressing up

    tonight, and whatcha gonna be? Ima be a mummy
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    Love & Hip Hop NY- Season 4

    Anybody watching :meeting: Peter Gunz Is The New Stevie J On ‘Love & Hip Hop NY’ So really, they gonna pull the same Steebie and Jose ish in the NY show :mda:...its nice to see my girl K Michelle on there tho, she gone tuuuuuuuuuuurn up lol
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    Tessanne Chin on the...

    VOICE?? me some Tessanne, but how is that fair? She's already an established artist, no? Tessanne Chin | NBC
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    Basketball wives Evelyn Lozada

    launches a maxi dress line basketball wives evelyn lozada maxi dress line - Yahoo Image Search Results I wear these kina dresses stoked...anybody still watching the show? Y'all see the fashion show in London.. dresses are really nice :good:
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    'Violent Jamaican drug-trafficking' dismantled

    Drug ring dismantled Orlando - Orlando Sentinel YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, my phone been ringing all day, this is where the wharehouse parties be on Sundays, if anybody remember, the owner son be hooking me up with car repairs and instead of payment, he say he juss wha me hail him up at the party...
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    Nicki and Zac?? Really??

    Nicki Minaj Had A One Night Stand With Zac Efron? « 1025 KSFM daaaaaaaaaaang son :kicks...por Safaree, he prolly a laughing stock :kicks We didn’t see this coming! A news source is saying that Nicki cheated on Safaree with Zac Efron! See what they claim happened! Star Magazine is running a...
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    Advice please!

    Anyone have pomeranian puppy?? My mom got one for my baby for her bday, its friggen 7 weeks old! We're supposed to get it by the end of the week...Any do(s) or don't(s)??...geez, my cat is gonna seem like a Lion next to it :kicks
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    Allyuh ever eat so much of...

    one thing that u eh eat it again in years? bff in elementary school dared me to eat 8 beef patties...i was so sick i eh eat another one for bout 10yrs lol...:polling:
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    Princess Diana conspiracy theory

    Allyuh hear bout it??... Unlawful Killing premiered in Cannes today amid lots of chatter, despite not being part of the festival's official line-up. The film, directed by Keith Allen (singer Lily Allen's father) poses the theory that Princess Diana was murdered and that the royal family and...
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    Khloe and Lamar

    siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh, another one bites the dust...they were so cuuuuuuute...oh well :drag:...should we all just give up on the notion of monogamy for real?? Dang, sad :no2: Yahoo! It was rumoured that Khloe Kardashian had "accidentally revealed" that she and Lamar Odom were "living separate...
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    so, who all joining...

    the illuminati! :kicks...i know i wasn't the only one who got this message :no2: Do you desire wealth,riches,fame,spot light,powers.Unlock your destiny by joining the Illuminati order today, and earn $250,000 for membership loyalty and $1,000,000 for championing the course of destiny...
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    Bad Grampa

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> :lol :lol :lol :lol....HAHAHAHAHAHA!
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    Robin Thick and

    Paula Patton been together since highschool! Did u kno? Thats pretty cool...
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    Whapat happened topo dipi treped :drag: