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  1. De Blessed 1

    With all the cheesecake talk..........

    Which do you prefer...........Junior's cheesecake or The Cheesecake Factory?
  2. De Blessed 1

    De Magician...........

    Would you like a re-match?????
  3. De Blessed 1

    It's been real........

    Enjoyed the late night tonight but I feel a headache coming on so I must bid you all a farewell. Until later........... Bless.
  4. De Blessed 1

    I Like it 2 Bad & Magician

    When we getting this game started?
  5. De Blessed 1

    Trini Prinzez

    You on vacation and still posting???????:confused Go find something to do. Oh, and hurry home. Yes, I miss you but more importantly you left all the work for me!!
  6. De Blessed 1

    Ah Gone...........

    It was good. Solidarity, I tried to make day break but as Benjai would say "meh backbone hurting meh" and Im tired. Everyone, lata. :gosleep
  7. De Blessed 1

    Just though I'd share

    I just received this in an email and though I'd share it with you all. I just lost a very dear friend and this poem really hit home IF I KNEW If I knew it would be the last time That I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I...
  8. De Blessed 1

    What do you do????

    What do you do if someone who is very dear to you has the obvious signs of a drinking problem but they think they have everything under control? :confused
  9. De Blessed 1


    Good day stranger.. How tings???
  10. De Blessed 1

    Miss Cso, Tp............

    When my child break she foot in your high heel shoes!!!
  11. De Blessed 1

    Top Dog

    Hi honey. I have not forgotten you darling how could I you are my pain the a$$ oh I mean best friend for life. :luv
  12. De Blessed 1

    Good night miss "I hate it 2 Bad"

    Good night miss lady.
  13. De Blessed 1

    Thank You

    Thanks to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday. You guys made my day even brighter!!!! Thank you dearly. DB1
  14. De Blessed 1

    New member

    Hello everyone, I've been a peeper for some time and finally decided to join the fun.