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  1. rictash

    Merry Christmas To You and Yours!

    Just wishing my Imix Family a Very Merry Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous New Year! I will be on Vacation so i may not get a chance to say it again.:santa2 :santa2 :santa2 :santa2 :santa :bydebar :bydebar
  2. rictash

    Favorite Drink

    What is your favorite alchoholic beverage?? Mine is Malibu & Pineapple juice. and for those who don't drink state you favorite drink.
  3. rictash


    How you doing girl??
  4. rictash

    A responsible age!

    At what age do you think it is ok for a person to start having sex? being that there is so much teenage pregnancy and diseases.
  5. rictash

    H2O Phlo

    "A little closer" if i find the right man in de fete and they play that sound , somebody will be in trouble. Nice groove tune. big up to my boys fridge and Keston and the rest of H20 phlo
  6. rictash


    like you never wear shortpants before awah? you was ah really "angel" boy but on who side ?:fyah
  7. rictash

    Music of the 80's

    name some songs that you loved from the 80's I remember meeting in the ladies room crush on you those were the jams. Allyuh help me nah any kind of music!
  8. rictash

    With the exception of Soca

    what is allyuh favorite kind of music?
  9. rictash

    Define Soca??

    could you guys each give me your definition or THE definition of what soca is and why it is different to Calypso. I have heard alot people say this artist not singing soca and this one is a good Soca Artist , when i thought that particular artist was a calypso artist so coud somebody shed some...
  10. rictash

    What is the best way

    to bring in the New Year?? in church at a fete? I say with family. what allyuh think?
  11. rictash


    How are you today? Let we give TT some thunder nah?
  12. rictash

    Is there something Wrong with experimenting with soca?

    I was just reading another post and i saw something about that and i have read numerous post where people have made comments about Soca tunes sounding like R&B and stuff , what i want to know is , Is it a bad thing to fuse two types of music together for instance i love what Machel did with...
  13. rictash

    How many of you use Music

    to form memories about special people in your life. be it good or bad memories? I do i associate friends with different songs and when i hear those songs i does go into my own world.
  14. rictash

    If you had one wish

    what would you wish for if you had one wish and it was guaranteed to be granted?
  15. rictash

    what part of Christmas is Most Important

    To you. is it the presents, the children , the food , the preparation , the music for me it is the preparations decorating , baking , fixing up the house , and the music, that puts me in another mood.
  16. rictash


    help me please!
  17. rictash

    If a family memeber dies

    or if you passed away would you be willing to donate your organs or other body parts to help save someone elses life? I would. Would you???
  18. rictash

    Is this Ragga007?????

    :kicks :kicks :kicks
  19. rictash

    Talented Vocalist in Soca / Calypso

    who you guys think in the Industry can really sing, Sean Carruth Edwin Yearwood Rupie Ginja Allison Hinds Onku Onyan Sherwyn allyuh help meh, ah talking about true vocalist that can hold a note.
  20. rictash


    Make me laugh today nah! i am having a lousy day