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  1. gerbera

    inter-racial mixin

    ok...this is really a burnin question of mine... and i am sure you all have covered it it a myth or reality it's like "they" always say how women of colour hate any time they seein a colour man with a white woman. I mean i have seen it sometimes when I am out with my...
  2. gerbera

    the hottest chunes....

    hey mixers...I'm sittin here bringing down some songs... ya know how ya always wanna seea tonne of movies but when ya get in the video place, ya can never seem to remember what they were? maybe it just me...but ya, that happenin right now with the music.. ..soo, anyone got some suggestions...
  3. gerbera

    anyone help a girl out?

    i been tryin to figure out how to resize this pic so i could use she for my avatar...but the programs i have don't giv ethe resize option....could someone resize my glitter girl and/or my devil girl send them back to me in a reply? would so so appreciate anyone's help! thanx all!
  4. gerbera


    i know i'm gonna be showin the softer side here folks....but i am still trying to figure out the site..... could anyone please tell me jus how to put a quote from a previous post in my reply? i'll get this thing figured out yet eh....thanks for the help! Gerbera
  5. gerbera

    How's it eh!

    hey there! jus touchin in to say hello....I just come across this site and went through it...looks pretty decent! Lookin forward to checkin in from time to time... My guy is from Trinidad, recently was there visiting, going back again in a few weeks. Love that place! Can't wait to get some...