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  1. IslandmixUSA

    VOTE TRUMP for President

    Don't be fooled by Bernie and his free stuff or let BloomGirl buy yuh VOTE :russian:
  2. IslandmixUSA

    Hello IMIX

    What's new :pig_ball:
  3. IslandmixUSA


    Wake up
  4. IslandmixUSA

    Looking for ah WIFE

  5. IslandmixUSA

    obama diss trump

    You got to give the Prime Minister some props , for messing with trumps mind .. Donald took the bait lol . trump facked up by attacking GWB on 911 .
  6. IslandmixUSA

    BLACK People who support Clinton

    Are C#NTS , just 8yrs ago her husband made racist comments about our Prime Minister . Pres Clinton sign laws that made things hard for AA's living in this country . But you fools love him cause he smoke weed and got ah BJ
  7. IslandmixUSA

    Who want some credits

    And what yuh willing to do for them
  8. IslandmixUSA

    1st of november

    what did you learn on Imix in the past month ?
  9. IslandmixUSA


    For some doubles
  10. IslandmixUSA

    GUYS what would do ( lesbian post )

    If yuh Gyal leave you for ah next woman ?
  11. IslandmixUSA

    Fire BUN America

    Ah moving
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    Silly grin
  13. IslandmixUSA

    Feeling lucky ?

  14. IslandmixUSA

    Carnival pet peeve

    Please stop it yuh look dumb or never see come see
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  16. IslandmixUSA

    I am breaking up wid

    LR and seeking new relationship 😇
  17. IslandmixUSA

    Feel good hashtags

    #bringourgirlsback promoted by hollywood and the girls are still missing but you don't see people talking about it anymore . Now the new hashtag is #icantbreathe
  18. IslandmixUSA

    Jeb 2016

    It's about fackin time
  19. IslandmixUSA

    Blocking yuh ex

    How can ah BOY post pictures on social media claiming he is in love with his new gyal , but vex because his ex is moving on with her life
  20. IslandmixUSA


    People still so that ?