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  1. ladyrastafari

    St. Lucian student enters college at age 15 to become a Doctor

    now a developmental chemist at Estee Lauder. not a doctor.
  2. ladyrastafari

    Tales from the bookshelf - My booklist

    THis book is a great read - Michelle Obama - Becoming
  3. ladyrastafari

    Where is Ladyrastafari?

    wayz.. it's amazing how long ago this was LOL
  4. ladyrastafari

    Straight people in gay clubs! Would you indulge?

    been bar hopping in the village with friends.. the only thing that was different in the clubs was who was kissing up on who..
  5. ladyrastafari

    Movie Bazodee

    Bazodee was simply Machel's version of Purple Rain.. meant to showcase him as a performer..
  6. ladyrastafari

    Blacks in NYC , especially BK are now Marginalized !

    you are still clueless I see
  7. ladyrastafari

    Tales from the bookshelf - My booklist

    To get free books on the kindle.. download the "free kindle books and tips" app and search through daily to see what books they have for discount prices and free... you can get a lot of good books like this...
  8. ladyrastafari

    Blacks in NYC , especially BK are now Marginalized !

    Depends on a lot yes.. I see so many white folks popping up in random out of the way for them areas in Brooklyn now...
  9. ladyrastafari

    How comfortable are you with death?

    I don't want to die lol.. ever. but if it should happen. I will be taken care of financially and I'd prefer to be cremated.. so my ashes can be mixed with somebody protein powder so they can have my essence to give them energy LOL.. j,k ... I don't know how I want to be put away.. burial or...
  10. ladyrastafari

    Murder in Pacot - Haitian Movie

    I'll look for it..
  11. ladyrastafari


    I don't use my real name. Have never been asked to verify. so no.
  12. ladyrastafari

    What have you learned about yourself over the past year?

    I learned in the past year that... - Friendship without reciprocity is a short candle in a very drafty room. I don't have time for people who want to hold you responsible for their shortcomings. No time at all. - That life is meant to be lived, each and every day to the fullest as you never...
  13. ladyrastafari

    What up folks??

    hush yuh cont nah please.. you know me to say I don't have a man? little boy go and sit down please
  14. ladyrastafari

    Caribbean self hate culture

    I don't think its a Caribbean thing.. it's there in Africa, India, China, Japan, The US and the UK... what is fair is seen as noble.. what is dark is seen as lower class and field labor.. hence the numerous bleaching creams in certain locales and the fear of the sun..
  15. ladyrastafari

    What up folks??

    thanks for the birthday wishes all.. hey ingram..
  16. ladyrastafari

    What up folks??

    you still alive and well George or yu tun wutless bwoy now? lol
  17. ladyrastafari

    Tales from the bookshelf - My booklist

    update as well. I read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie .. her Americanah book.. it was interesting...... that part with her and the creepy white dude made me cringe..
  18. ladyrastafari

    Tales from the bookshelf - My booklist

    oh Lioness.. here's a great way to get free magazines.. join your local library and see if they have a Zinio affiliation.. get the zinio app on your kindle or ipad, then download the magazines and books through your library for free.. the zinio app allows you to download and KEEP the latest...
  19. ladyrastafari

    Al Jezeera puts american news channels to shame

    yea I prefer to get my news from there rather than the usual channels