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    Why can't I see the images? Help! I have FOMO
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    Money Talk....

    Please make sure that you have disability insurance. I was "making loot" then I became ill and now everything is different. I had learned to save at least one year's salary for an emergency situation or life change. I had one year of my old salary which was much lower than my last salary but...
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    VP, I remember the good old days too....
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    Can anyone translate this for me please? Cuisse la kè- Yo enmen Yo pa sa wè sa kè- Yo enmen Yo pa sa wè sa kè- Yo enmen Yo pa sa wè sa Wi piti pitiiiiiiiiiii Kuis a poul (pou poul) Kuis a kanna (na na) Kuis a kòden (dendenn) Kuis a bourik (ririk) Kuis a mouton (ton ton) Kuis a...
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    Please identify this classic song

    I am trying tocompose a playlist for my Echo. Alexa can actually find obscure or old Caribbean songs but "she" needs a title to work with. It helps if I also give the artist's name. Who knows that song that goes something like: Party, party party, party yeah Wine on somebody Wine inthe party...
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    Trinidad's jihadis: how tiny nation became Isis recruiting ground

    Children? WTH? How that can happen? Where do they fly to get their plan to Syria? They should screen them better. At least keep the children in the country.
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    10 Countries With The Highest Murder Rates

    \\ St Kitts and Nevis?????????
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    Dispatch from Trinidad: Trouble on de Road? Carnival’s Cash Woes

    An important question is "What is being done about the porous ports?" How is the upsurge in crime being addressed?
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    Help! The Afro-Caribbean population is decreasing rapidly in the UK

    ROFL People can't comb their hair?
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    50 Years of Carnival on Eastern Parkway....

    DWL. LOL. That is not the answer. Sadly, though, I know what you mean. I always dread the news report the day after.
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    50 Years of Carnival on Eastern Parkway....

    For those of us who came as childdren, this is not true. Many people were forced to migrate.
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    50 Years of Carnival on Eastern Parkway....

    i was with my mother few years ago when I saw someone shoot another person. I thought that we would never return to Eastern Pkwy but we were backin fulll force the next year. I think of it like the terror attacks We can't let the crazies stop us from living our life. That incident was...
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    Why do most Jamaicans dislike Black Americans??

    This is so stupid. There is no Black/African group that does not have a colonial mentality. In other islands, they worship Indians and half-Indians. Even Africans who are pure are bleaching their skin. This is not a phenomenon that has anything to do with being Jamaican. Jamaicans are actually...
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    Two killed in Labour Day J'ouvert celebrations.

    It will ruin the whole thing because the best thing about J'Ouvert is dancing and wining in the streets at 4:00 am. BUT, I agree with you. Desperate times call for desperate measures....
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    Two killed in Labour Day J'ouvert celebrations.

    RE: Trini teen who was killed OMG His mother is never going to get over this. At 17, if Mommy say you not going, you are not going. What kind of behavior is this? Poor child minding his business and get shot....
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    Labor day questions

    Music trucks for J'Ouvert???? That would almost defeat the purpose and defile the purity of the event. I played J'Ouvert in TnT and don't remember music trucks. Did I miss them?
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    The whole carnival culture of West Indians getting so stale, contrived and played

    Do you mind starting a thread about Bahamian music and culture. I know a little but would love to learn more. It has been a while since there was a thread like that on IMIX.
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    So this place is real crickets

    Not IMIX. Imix is dead. There are just a few of us slow people who are still in denial.
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    Can you identify all of the Caribbean countries?

    Wow! Good job guys. But, now I am ashamed to put my score....