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    Can anyone translate this for me please? Cuisse la kè- Yo enmen Yo pa sa wè sa kè- Yo enmen Yo pa sa wè sa kè- Yo enmen Yo pa sa wè sa Wi piti pitiiiiiiiiiii Kuis a poul (pou poul) Kuis a kanna (na na) Kuis a kòden (dendenn) Kuis a bourik (ririk) Kuis a mouton (ton ton) Kuis a...
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    Please identify this classic song

    I am trying tocompose a playlist for my Echo. Alexa can actually find obscure or old Caribbean songs but "she" needs a title to work with. It helps if I also give the artist's name. Who knows that song that goes something like: Party, party party, party yeah Wine on somebody Wine inthe party...
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    Can you identify all of the Caribbean countries?

    Test your geography knowledge - Caribbean Islands | Lizard Point
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    Some interracial marriage stats

    I know that wikipedia is not perfectly accurate but I found some of these comparison interesting. I don't think that it is shocking that new immigrants do not intermarry. They probably seek the comforts of familiarity- people who speak, eat, think, dress and look as they do...
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    Summer Academy at Princeton University for Minority Teen Girls Summer Academy For Minority Teen Girls at Princeton University Gears Up for Fifth Year
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    Ebony editor describes his childhood growing up Black in Nazi Germany

    IMIX last discussed this more than a decade ago. I thought that it was worth another thread! Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany (March 2000) - Library of Congress Information Bulletin Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany The Remarkable Life of Hans Massaquoi By AUDREY FISCHER A picture may be...
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    Shootout in Texas

    Why do I feel this is getting very different coverage than it would if it were a group of Caribbean people? Have I crossed over to the other side?
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    Celebration of Caribbean/West Indian television

    Please post videos of West Indian/Caribbean tv shows. NO movies. English/Creole French/ Spanish is fine. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Onlly in the West Indies

    Post funny photos, news reports, etc. Keep it clean and keep it light. I will start. (my favorite parts are underlined). Farmer frustrated, sorry for tying woman | Trinidad Express Newspaper | News UNIL Ramcharan, the man seen in a video tying a woman with rope and leading her along a road...
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    The Friends of Black People Were the "gens de couleur libres" in Haiti more interested in ending slavery than their counterparts in Louisiane? I sometimes wonder if the New Orleans mulattos/quadroons/octaroons sometimes get a bad rep. They...
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    The Black Caribbean country that never was

    I am not interested enough to look up a reputable source. This is from wikipedia.... In 1861, American President Abraham Lincoln ordered his Secretary of State, William Henry Seward, to meet with the Mexican charge d’affaires Matias Romero to explore the possibility of purchasing the island of...
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    Jamaican mom and her twins

    Aylmer twin sisters couldn't be more different due to quirk in mixed-raced parentage | Daily Mail Online I usually find these types of stories annoying but it caught my eye when I saw that there was a Jamaican parent/grandparent involved. It is annoying that they call the darker sister...
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    Guyanese singer dead

    Charmayne &apos;Maxee&apos; Maxwell of Brownstone fame dies at 46 - LA Times (obeah)
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    Shooting at McDonald's in Toronto

    Armed security guard fatally shoots two men at Toronto McDonald's McDonald's shooting on Danforth leaves 2 dead - Toronto - CBC News
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    Carnival death

    Twenty killed and scores injured in Haiti carnival parade | Caribbean360 (From the other thread) Tuesday February 17, 2015, CMC – At least 20 people on a packed Carnival float were killed and 46 injured early Tuesday when the float came in contact with a power line as it moved through the...
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    I would kill all black people

    This may be old news but it is new to me..... Illinois Teacher Calls Jamaican Students the N-Word After They Object to 'If I only had 10 days to live I would kill all black people': Racist teacher tells students what's on the top of her bucket list and manages to KEEP her job  | Daily Mail Online
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    World Toilet Day

    I had no idea that there was such a day... World Toilet Day: Kibera slum seeks to ground World Toilet Day: Home It says that 1 billion people. 1 billion people!!! defecate in the open. I had read about an increase in rape for women in India who did not have toilets but I did not grasp the...
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    STATISTICS: Post interesting, shocking, sad or funny stats

    About half of all people infected with HIV/AIDS have died since the identification of the epidemic. That is about 1 million humans per year. Almost 40 million people. The other half are living with the condition.
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    Haiti does not want to be pitied

    Haïti ne veut pas faire pitié mais envie | Quand je dis à des amis français que je passe mes vacances en Haïti, ils m’interrogent parfois, un brin dubitatifs: «Tahiti?» Non, non, Haïti. Un pays qui évoque la pauvreté, la violence, le sous-développement. When I tell my friends that I...
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    The Book of Negroes

    Discussion thread Does anyone know anything about this book or this group of people?;_ylt=A0SO8xYIlLJUiEIAnAxXNyoA is Black History Month BET launches its first-ever event miniseries “THE BOOK OF NEGROES,” a...