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    Stock Picks

    What y'all think of GE? Starting to look more like a generalized holding company than a global industrial titan. The price looks very attractive. Give the individual entities can pass through dividends this might a company i might actually hold to death.
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    turning active income into passive income

    what are you guys strategy.
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    "I see racism in the market": Brokers get candid on race in a new study I remember us talking about this recently.
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    Property Taxes

    What y'all or your landlord paying?? I am starting to see this as a huge scam man..
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    Is Kartel the Last King?

    The man lock up and still baddest artiste.
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    Vincy Airport Status??

    It running as yet?
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    Oakland Police Scandal

    How Oakland Lost Its 3rd Police Chief in 9 Days - ABC News DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNN!!!! it seems everybody have crazy dirt on them.
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    Money Violence web series

    Does anyone on here watch it? I am fan, to be honest. A bit of escapism and all. But do people really talk like that? My #################### every few words, then some odd psuedo religious statement.
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    What African Americans lost by aligning with the Democratic Party

    What Black Americans Lost by Siding with Democrats - The Atlantic In the 2016 Democratic primary, African Americans are challenging Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to earn their votes. Whoever wins the nomination will likely garner support from over 85 percent of black voters, but African...
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    is history repeating itself??

    The modern primary evolved in response to the 1968 Democratic Convention, which turned violent. The majority of delegates supported Vice President Hubert Humphrey, even though he had not won a single primary. Meanwhile, 80 percent of primary voters cast ballots for anti-war candidates, Senators...
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    Set up? Or just Caught up

    Former Miss Jamaica Runner-Up Charged With Federal Narcotics Trafficking Offense She try and carry a small child of cocaine. That is maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadnesss. She must owe somebody some serious favours. If she gets less than 10 years, you know she snitching. Pretty girls dont handle time...
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    Brussell Attacks

    Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh this just fukked up our lives in the US. Can see how police militarization is just going to increase.
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    IMIX Parents or People who buy gifts for kids

    Is there a black girl equivalent of Dora?
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    Anyone listens to the Serial Podcast? I am not yet finished with season 1
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    The More You Push, The More They Shove

    The More You Push, The More They Shove - St. Lucia News From The Voice St. Lucia “We are a society in desperate search for heroes but in that desperation we are continually failing to situate their work, life and example in a context that fortifies our own search for answers,” Dr. Jules said in...
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    How your grocery bill looking, listen I can setup an exchange, i will give you some grapes for parcetamol.
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    Is The Recovery Real

    How many people here are working multiple jobs? And I dont mean a job and a hobby that makes money. I mean like a job and you Uber because you need the cash?
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    Y'all Queda

    see what dem man doing Oregon. I want to see what happens next. I will give it to them, they are intelligent, they are provoking the federal government for a fight.
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    The Tamir Rice Outcome

    Surprised me. Honestly. Open Carry State.
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    life after death star

    y'all heard the mashup between star wars and biggie album?