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    Alright, how was Machel performance at the seaport?

    No reggae, no hip hop, Dance with you, POWDA, POWDA, POWDA, Craziness, Carnival - Wyclef get on bad!, It's Carnival (with boring Destra), Get Mad, more POWDA!!
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    Destra at the seaport!!

    I agree with the fellas, Destra doesn't grab my attention and i doesn't feel to jump up when she is performin. When she performed at glow, i wanted to fall asleep, at the seaport, I was just bored. Last year she was always losing her voice when i see her and now, hmph, like she need some...
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    Super Blue tune

    I hear that Blue have a new tune out, any body hear it yet? How does it sound?
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    Roadmarch 2k5 Talk

    Take a jump, take a Wave, start jumpin up, Is d road callin I like Destra's Fly but if I had to choose btwn Fay Ann and Destra, my vote is for Fay Ann cuz, eventhough Road march aint about performin, I know she wouldn't go hoarse and lose she voice when she performin live, that stuff totally...
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    Happy Birthday Sookie

    dance1 aaaaawwww!!!!! Thanx! I feel loved by imix even though i've hardly been on.....I'm lookin forward to this weekend and next weekend......... :drinkers :bydebar :feelsick
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    No IMIX tickets at JW

    The man behind the counter asked me WHO is islandmix cuz ppl keep askin for tickets and doesn't have any, I thought he was jokin at first. JW name even in the radio ad for sellin tix and they doh even have any. Allyuh make me drive over there for no reason, HMPH!! Its a good thing Stylz...
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    Any August babies in the house?!

    August 26!!!!! Ain Boston Carnival that weekend? Hi PJK!!!! :luv
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    We're back!?!?!? WHat yuh think??

    UM.......I like it....a lot dance1 dance1
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    Brass and glow was a great show

    Brass and Glow.......ummmm.......did not have fun atall!!! Bunji, Maximus, and Traffik was good. Dis blasted mampee mash up meh big toe. Stink, drunken peolpe actin wild and fightin all around me. That switchin from inside stage to outside was not cool either. I think Glow is better when it...
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    Condolenses to Wiz

    Sorry to hear about your loss Wizzy. Please accept my condolences and may you and your family stay strong during this sad time. God Bless
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    yuck.. imagine openin yuh mail to this...

    That is just sick!!!! Those ppl aren't in the right mind. Did they get fired?
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    Jews and Minorities

    One of my professors was telling us about a MINORITY award and a Jewish guy in the class starts asking a whole heap of questions like how much is the award, when is the deadline, etc. Then he asks what their definition of minority is....of course african americans, asians, hispanics...
  13. S I just found out...

    Very interestin friend you have...he soundin kinda queer eye and what kinda job he have that he have time to pull out a suitcase of fabrics to coordinate? :lol :lol :lol
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    making the band finale

    :lol :lol :lol :lol So SAD!!!! ....and Chopper bug eye backside tattoo DA BAND on his arm..........:rolleyes: Steups.....he schupid eh
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    Empress MY Dahlin

    Oh yeah! Open up d door lemme come in :music King AJamu I think I need a borrow. I'll link u lata
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    Worst Pick up Lines

    :lol :lol
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    I have a confession

    I'm hungry 2.....Wiz, what u cookin for me and Moni?
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    Worst Pick up Lines

    So u resort to this kinda corniness to get yuh gals, wiz? say it ain so hun, say it ain so
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    Empress MY Dahlin

    lol, I see we got our pics from the same site.....stop playin d @ss gyal .....:music do what yuh want, do what yuh want is carnival, do what yuh want, do what yuh want is bacchanal.....jam a gyal deh, juk a gyal deh:music
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    Empress MY Dahlin

    Yuh goin home this year? Meh ticket book already, July 31 - August 14