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    Super Blue tune

    I hear that Blue have a new tune out, any body hear it yet? How does it sound?
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    No IMIX tickets at JW

    The man behind the counter asked me WHO is islandmix cuz ppl keep askin for tickets and doesn't have any, I thought he was jokin at first. JW name even in the radio ad for sellin tix and they doh even have any. Allyuh make me drive over there for no reason, HMPH!! Its a good thing Stylz...
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    Jews and Minorities

    One of my professors was telling us about a MINORITY award and a Jewish guy in the class starts asking a whole heap of questions like how much is the award, when is the deadline, etc. Then he asks what their definition of minority is....of course african americans, asians, hispanics...
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    Empress MY Dahlin

    Yuh goin home this year? Meh ticket book already, July 31 - August 14
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    Worst Pick up Lines

    So i see a girl walkin down the street in a hurry and some fella who obviously has no life tries to say Hi, so she smiles and keeps goin (good job), so then he says are u '"Rushin" and she says yeah, and he goes...U look American to me........:rolleyes: :rolleyes: AND she actually starts to...
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    Ralph and Edna

    Ralph and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital. One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, Ralph suddenly jumped into the deep end. He sank to the bottom of the pool and stayed there. Edna promptly jumped in to save him. She swam to the bottom and pulled Ralph...
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    More false advertisement

    So i see a sign in the supermarket that says SOLO 4 for $1 so snatch up some banana (my favorite).....i get home and start 2 drink it and it ain tasting correct. When i look at d label again, it does not say Solo and all it says is Banane, with an e, Banane! what d hell, steups ...this is not...
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    Trin Toc..........Somebody Saaaaaaaaay..

    FALSE ADVERTISEMENT FUH SO! Booze never fails eh Dat was one of d worst fetes i been 2 in my life! (Doh mind i was jumpin up and fallin on d ground and grabbin man backside....hi socaboy :p ..... and winin on man shoulder). I vex i ain see Shadow and SuperBlue...
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    New Yorkers

    I doh know who makes up these lists but i like dem :p This probably should go in junk mail humor and ting You Know You're from New York When... You're over 25 years old and don't have a driver's license. You ride in a subway car with no air conditioning just because there are seats...
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    Fete Etiquette

    Some ppl need this advice Ladies: (1) If you want to wine with a man dont stand in front of him and "pelt waist" just "ress it on him" instead (2) Don't look at a man's shoes in a can't see them (3) Wine with motion and rhythm, dont wine like you are having an epileptic fit...
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    Check Points

    people make sure yuh have yuh license and registration handy and yuh inspection up to date. I get catch in check point and get a fackin summons 2nite cuz me inspection expire. Steups, I doh pay attention to dem tings and look what i get.
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    Machel Tix

    Anybody know where I could get one for 30 cuz some of dem vendors askin for 40 and my poor backside am not about to shell out 40 bucks for a fete. $30 is my limit.
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    If you had a serious problem or a life threatening disease would you try to get through it on your own and rely on your own inner strength or would you seek help from fam, friends, and attend some sort of support group? Do you view islandmix as a form of suport group or outlet? :movies
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    Its NOT Summer!!!!!

    Gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Just because yuh hear its 50+ degrees outside and d sun leggo a piece a heat in yuh backside does NOT mean to put on yuh tank tops, shorts, sandals or flip flops. If its a cold u want, then thats what u go get. STEUPS!!!! And watch it be snowing again by the end of the...
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    :kicks :kicks :kicks Who is that chinee man u have yuh pics? His face have me crackin up
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    The Fall

    Don't let this happen to you Check this out I couldn't stop laughin
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    Message from saveoursoca

    He just got on the plane to Trinidad and he left a message for allyuh FREEDOM is winning Road March CLEAR DE ROAD is winning Soca Monarch if he wrong, he ain't postin on imix again:fyah
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    Along Came Polly

    Anyone see it yet? I plan on seeing it this weekend. Heard it was hilarious. Whats up with the ferret?
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    This morning was snow, then all kinda hail and sleet, now is a blasted floodwatch!!!! All meh shoe and socks got soaked earlier.
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    Gather the Angels

    It soundin like a rock and roll theme music for an 80's teen movie. Xtatik experimentin or wha? Soca RocknRoll, hhhmmmm.......doh like it! its in the AV/ROOM