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  1. PtHova

    Tribe Frontline Prices

    taken from Saucys blog Trinidad Carnival Diary Lady of the Lake Female Frontline $4499TT/$750US Mystique Female Frontline $4399TT/$733US Pixie Dust Female Frontline $5499.00TT/ $917.00US Silver Mist Female Frontline $3995.00TT / $667.00US Butterfly Bliss Female Individual $4399.00 TT/...
  2. PtHova

    Jay Zs Trini son

    will be on HOT97 Friday morning he will talk about his life and daddy
  3. PtHova

    Happy Birthday montREALady

    wishing you many more to come have a blessed year Ms Nubian :bday
  4. PtHova


    so IP gave us those hot shorts for monday right but i didnt wear mine monday i planned on wearing them tuesday cuz the panty they gave me were so thin and i felt my cooch was showin and it totally was people looked and told me it was so i purchased my own biege shorts but then comes tuesday and...
  5. PtHova

    movie help

    name a good movie thats in the theaters now that has sex & violence in it
  6. PtHova


    you about the only black girl i know that listens to more white people music than me so i know you know about the band called Gym Class Hereos and heard their song "Cupid's Chokehold" what do you think about it? i think that song rocks i like when it comes on when im sleeping in the middle of...
  7. PtHova

    so i started my

    12 day diet today im hoping to lose the entire ten lbs in my belly i want to hit the gym at least 4 days a week i have a male gym partner for tues and fri nights ill do the weight training and stuff with him on the other days ill try to do the elliptical for an hour i get bored easily when im...
  8. PtHova

    parking tickets

    where do you pay for them online? im on the dmv wesite and only see the link for traffic tickets
  9. PtHova

    Happy Birthday Socaflex

    i know its the weekend and you might not get much shouts but HAPPY BIRTHDAY any ol ways btw, Mrs Socaflex call me please new phone so i dont have your number anymore
  10. PtHova

    imix people who had my cell #

    me and J dropped my cell one too many times and it was messed up for about a month it kept freezing up on me i have a new phone now BUT it doesnt have my old phonebook in it please call me when you get a chance so i can save your #
  11. PtHova

    Happy Birthday Visuals~

    I know the day is almost over but i just signed on and saw it was your bday :( forgive me HAPPY BIRTHDAY sexy :bday :fairy :luv :bday :fairy :luv :bday :fairy :luv
  12. PtHova

    solve the riddle

    An openended barrel, I am shaped like a hive. I am filled with the flesh, and the flesh is alive! What am I?
  13. PtHova

    lawd help me

    so for the past two years ive been going to the Taco Bell in LICH during my clinical lunch breaks whenever i get my food i tell them to hook me up so all the workers know me as the hook it up girl anyways, theres this one middle eastern guy that REALLY hooks me up, food be stuffed with meat and...
  14. PtHova


    you know how they give foreign language classes do they give trini accent classes? i have the worst accent in the world it makes people laugh at me its so horrible yall Americans on imix, how did you guys perfect the trini accent?
  15. PtHova

    is this a real costume?

    a section from Genesis
  16. PtHova

    Empress - Sacred Sanders

    look at the boots
  17. PtHova


    dont know if anyone noticed but the prices are up
  18. PtHova

    Happy Birthday Big O

    Happy Birthday :bday wishing you a joyous year and many more to come enjoy the weekend homie luv ya :luv J says babby berday :kicks reminder of the good ol days
  19. PtHova

    its been a reallllll long time

    since i chatted up with you fackas waddup peoples how yall doing?
  20. PtHova

    dougla ting

    do you want to go to this party Saturday night? i cant seem to find any other parties going on this weekend in MIA/FLL if you want to hit up South Beach we can i wouldnt mind hearing some R&B/Hip Hop let me know what you want to do BIOTCHHHHHHHHHHH im sexy now so dont be surprised when you...