55 years old


Warrior Queen

As one should be by that point or near that point in life...life at that point should not be about vanity, even though it doesn't mean to just purposely popdown an a look "so-so SUH"...

Is only cause you have so much talk bout woman looks and hardly any focus on what's in her head and heart that you get race up so much around here...and as the "leader" of the board people expect you to set a fair example. No pun intended.

If you were a little more (lot more) humble it wouldn't even matter. What I don't get is why people expect you to carry the banner for interest in dark skin girls when you yourself are one of the reddest things on the board...it make more sense for YOU to be red-obsessed than the BLACK men that are the same way...
what a blatant beg buddy post.....have you no shame :rofl:


Nikki go outside, it's nice... if you're already outside then shame on your combative ass. I'm going outside right now.