Childhood toys


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made skateboards: obtained broken school bench tops.......cut and shaped at woodwork sop........cut a a rollerskates in half and drill holes to secure it to the board.......voila........


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Toys are now designed to be more than just sources of entertainment. Guys from has features toys that are not only engaging but has benefits to child development. Kids need to be encouraged to go outside and play instead of spending hours sitting down in front of a screen.
Yep! Physical outdoor activities for children has always been a vital part of their childhood development; today, it is technology--they are ever spending more time in front of a digital screen. Then again, there is the issue of public safety for children and unfiltered garbage airing on those digital screens. The cons outweigh the pros when it comes to the new era of toys and children's regalement as a whole: they are all polluted.


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