Dating in Your 20s vs Dating in Your 30s


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Swerve, PJK, Collusus, and the rest of Imix dudes over 30, how would you compare dating in your 20s to your 30s. Is one better than the other. Does dating get worse once you reach 30 or better? Was your libido higher in your 20s or it remained the same?


lol optimizm so what if dem fellas dating inventory come from you still think your question about easier or difficult applies ?


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I'm a 33M. I'd say it's a little of both.
It's harder in that most people have gotten married, started procreating and got really into their careers by now. So it makes it harder to meet up with friends and that's where a large percentage of the women things used to work out with used to come from for me. But I had luck and meet women and russian bride in future :)