Fashion Jewelry: Ring


luk de reel trubble yah
I'm looking for a fashion ring ... something with a big square stone. Something like the jewelry in banana republic or laila rowe ... along that nature ....

other than those 2 places any ideas??


And what stone do you prefer? I know one store with stunning diamond jewelry for a reasonable price. Also, it'll be a great idea to grade the gem. In case of any accident, you'll know your stone characteristics and its' value. I always do diamond grading at gemological laboratory GSI to find out diamonds' value and individual characteristics. It's not only because of curiosity but also because diamonds are an excellent investment.


Hi. You may have often noticed chains with the star's name around your neck in movies or music videos and wondered how cool it would look for you. I found the site Jechic where almost all the names that you can imagine are collected. I definitely recommend it, it looks really cool.