Guyana – the land of corruption.


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Jagdeo and Ramroop will not stop KN from exposing their greed – Glenn Lall
June 22, 2012 | By KNews |

Guyana Times over a prolonged period, has been leveling scurrilous attacks against Kaieteur News, its publisher, Glenn Lall and its Editor-in-Chief Adam Harris.

These attacks began when the newspaper uncovered rampant corruption involving some sister companies of the Guyana Times.
Kaieteur News also questioned the operations of owner of Guyana Times and a host of companies owned by Dr. Ranjisinghi Ramroop, former President Bharrat Jagdeo’s best friend.
Last week, the newspaper reported on some deals between the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation owned by Ramroop, and the Ministry of Health.
These revelations have now spurred the libelous attacks by Guyana Times. Observers say that they are designed to stop Lall and Harris from reporting on the questionable dealings involving Ramroop and the government.
Mr. Lall said that Guyana Times is indulging in the belief that if one tells a lie often enough some of it will stick in the minds of some.
The big lie that Guyana Times keeps peddling daily is that Mr. Lall was involved in “alien smuggling”. Jagdeo, while he was president, told Harris that he would produce someone whom Lall smuggled, that the person would return to Guyana to testify. He even asked the police to mount an investigation. There was nothing to investigate.
Lall has denied ever being involved in “alien smuggling”. The efforts by Guyana Times to add this comment to WikiLeaks is also a sick ploy. There was no such report in the WikiLeaks documents. Guyana Times is fabricating reports.
Kaieteur News had reported that one of the owners of Guyana Times is Bharrat Jagdeo. Jagdeo never denied. However, he became angry when Lall confronted him at Office of the President about the fake invoice used to import the Guyana Times printing press. That invoice is still in the custody of Kaieteur News.
Lall said that after this confrontation he was approached with the offer of substantial bribe to shut him up. He angrily rejected the offer and caused more hate from the Jagdeo camp.
Ever since that confrontation and the exposure of the manner in which Ramroop acquired the Sanata Complex, Jagdeo and Ramroop have set out to tarnish Lall’s reputation and to damage Kaieteur News.
Mr. Lall said that he was not inclined to respond to the falsehoods in Guyana Times because, as he put it, the newspaper is insignificant. He said that the newspaper was hoping that Lall would sue, or respond, thus helping it to get some recognition and boost its circulation.
Guyana Times has been repeating the same story without change almost every day.
Mr. Lall said that that was the main reason for him totally ignoring the paper. He said that he learnt that tactic from the late David de Caires of Stabroek News.
He said that he will never sue Guyana Times, nor will he respond to the newspaper again.
He stressed that the wholesale corruption in Guyana under Jagdeo that is being exposed is attracting the publication.
Mr. Lall said that he and Kaieteur News have only now started to expose the corruption and nothing that Jagdeo or Ramroop with their Guyana Times do, will stop him.
“I have evidence to show that they are not only among the richest in the region, but that they have already set up to own and control the bulk of Guyana. The Guyanese nation must know what played out under that man (Jagdeo)’s rule. The things they have done to the people of this country are what you would associate with selfishness, wickedness and greed.”


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Canada seizes cocaine from Guyana-origin cargo
Written by Demerara Waves
Friday, 22 June 2012

CBC Canada_A total of 170 kilograms of cocaine was seized in two separate drug busts at the Port of Saint John, Canada Border Services Agency officials announced Friday.

The drugs have an estimated street value of more than $21 million, officials said.

The cocaine was hidden in specially altered wood pallets used to transport food products from Guyana. The shipping containers were destined for the Toronto area.

Eight Ontario men, ranging in age from 31 to 70, have been charged with importing, conspiracy to import and possession for the purpose of trafficking, according to the RCMP.

"This is a very significant seizure here in our region," Andrew LeFrank, regional director general for CBSA, Atlantic region, stated in a release.

"We have kept hundreds of thousands of doses of this dangerous drug off our streets, and kept the profits out of the pockets of drug smugglers," he said.
Discovered during secondary searches

On May 29, while conducting a secondary examination of a marine container, CBSA officers using X-ray technology detected anomalies with the wooden pallets in a shipment of sauces, seasonings and noodles destined for Mississauga, officials said.

The pallet boards had been hollowed out and filled with bags of cocaine, totalling about 121 kilograms.

Five men have been charged in connection with that seizure and are scheduled to appear in court on July 9.

On June 5, CBSA officers discovered similar concealment methods in another shipment of food products destined for a business area in North York and 49 kilograms of cocaine was seized.

Three men are charged in that case and are scheduled to appear in court in Toronto Friday.

New Brunswick RCMP Federal Operations West, CBSA, the RCMP in the Greater Toronto Area and Saint John police participated in the seizures.

Last year, RCMP and border officials intercepted cocaine-stuffed pineapples at the port.

There were two seizures between August and October, totalling 28 kilograms. The estimated street value was $3.5 million.