How do you feel about polygamy?


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I think that polygamy is everyone’s personal choice. It all depends on your preferences and how you personally feel about it. It makes little sense to look at how other people relate specifically to this, because you are the determining factor anyway and it is you who choose to order here if you have a girlfriend or twist the relationship on the side or not.


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I think this is inconvenient in any case, no polygamy is good only when you have a clear lack of one of the sexes, for example, on the same sites of escort agencies there is an advantage in favor of girls, so in this case it’s normal, in all others it’s so-so.
It depends on how do you see this. Polygamy is permissible in many religions and laws of the world. Personally, I just see how a man can handle many wives when it is tough to argue with a single lady :D