How often do you pamper yourself? massages, facials

mani, pedi etc? Is this important to you or you rather save the money.

and if you r a guy, is this considered off limits for you?

notorious saga

Do this stuff at home all the time, meen paying nobody to do this stuff when I could do it myself. wifee gimme massage and I return the favor, got massage oil and we do de ting. I also have this aromatherapy candle burner/aroma oil set that sets the mood for a great one on one massage session, why go to a spa when you can create one? nutten like a nice sensual evening for two, grooming and spooning each other.:beach:


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I love erotic massage. Moreover, my wife allowed me this kind of relaxation. I just like to forget about all the problems and concerns and just plunge into complete relaxation. I got the most pleasure from such a massage at Paris for me is not only the capital of France, but also a great massage.