Imix Top one percent { The Super Rich }

OverLord Strum

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typical rabble, always grousing instead of going out there and earning your credits the same way everybody on this list did before credits were given away... making threads and participating..
Wait huh?

The majority of your current credits came from you marrying a fat rich white man.

OverLord Strum

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and de majority of yours.. yuh get it from ah man same way.. so wha yuh sayin
Yuh musbe smoking weed...the majority of mine I got NOW was from the throwback thread.

The vast wealth I acquired in the past was from kicking everybody's ass in betting.

Those required is that the same way as you?!


i am always in the betting threads too mr. strum.. same as you.. i dont bet on EVERY match but i do gamble and win... so....