Is child abuse in Trinidad getting out of hand?

notorious saga


Belmont police yesterday rescued a 12-year-old boy who was found naked and locked in a kennel with a dog in the yard of his home at Cascade.

The boy has been warded at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital being treated for dog and mosquito bites, malnutrition and exposure to coldness.

Four persons are expected to be charged under the Children’s Act Chapter 46:01 for cruelty to the child.

According to the police, the boy lives with his father, 40, stepmother, 32, and grandmother, 53, at Upper Valley Road, Cascade, and investigators report the child had been stopped from attending Rosary Boys’ RC Primary School, Port-of-Spain a year ago.

The boy’s father accused him of “not listening” and of being stubborn and as punishment the father, helped by a 29-year-old male cousin, held down the child, stripped him naked and forced him into the kennel with the dog, at about 6 pm on Wednesday. The cousin lives on the street, but was at his relatives’ house on Wednesday evening, and stayed overnight.

The scared boy was left in the kennel all night with the dog.

Neighbours called the Belmont police yesterday morning after hearing the boy’s cries throughout the night.

“I was hearing the child saying, ‘he biting me! He biting me!’ but I didn’t immediately take it on. It was only when we were outside (in the morning), people pointed out that the boy was actually in the kennel. So we called the police after, and they came and met the scene as it was, and took everyone in the household to the station for questioning,” a resident told Newsday.

A party of officers led by Sgt Khelewan Ramsook, Cpl Rajkumar and PC Ramdath arrived at the house, at about 8 am, executed a search warrant and found the boy naked in the kennel with the dog.

The police detained the boy’s father, stepmother and grandmother but the cousin fled the house before he could be arrested. A search continued for the cousin late yesterday, and police said he also faces charges.

The child, who appeared to be malnourished and underdeveloped for his age, was taken to hospital where police took a statement after doctors attended to him. The dog was left in the kennel. The boy’s parents and grandmother remained in police custody late yesterday as investigators consulted with the legal department of the police service on the charges.

A statement was also taken from one of the neighbours who reported the abuse.

The neighbour told Newsday he had heard the boy’s cries on many occasions, most times at night, and decided to investigate when he heard the child again in the early hours yesterday.

He was stunned to find the boy in a kennel with a dog.

“It really hurt my heart to see the type of cruelty that boy was being exposed to and I had to intervene and call in the police,” said the neighbour.

He said he is willing to testify in the case.

Residents accused the family of cruel acts of discipline against the boy.

“It is years now they were abusing this child. They always never feeding the child or beating the child.

“In fact, the boy used to get so frustrated that he used to jump over the fence and go next door and thief food from a neighbour. If you see him on the road he was asking for food. He was always hungry. It was years of abuse he getting,” a resident said.

Some said the police had been notified of the family’s behaviour before, however, whenever they arrived, officers could never find any proof of child abuse, and always left with a simple warning to the family.

That all changed when officers were called to the home yesterday, and saw the boy bleeding from his night spent in the dog kennel.

Deputy Police Commissioner Mervyn Richardson said he was informed of the case and was keeping abreast of the investigation.

He commended the neighbours who called in the police which led to the boy’s rescue and encouraged the public to report any suspicious activities, especially of child abuse.


Loyalty to Loyalty
i'm sure it was evident he had been abused before this... why it have to be overblown abuse for them to step in...
sigh he should have been outta there long time


New member
Those of you who went to school back home......can you guys and gals remember how bad the teachers were.........I could label some of them as abusive as well........I guess we were sheltered from a lot of social ills in society and some of us thought we were coming up in a almost perfect society..........the internet and being an adult seeing the world in a different lense has changed that I guess.........I get blaze with pot spoon and radio chord before but it was not abuse it was corrective rehabilitation :kicks..........get head butt too.........but woulda never get strip naked and put in a cubb


Get your passport & come !
Wow. Feel tears come to my eyes for that boy...

But is years now them people know he's getting abused and they couldn't step in as a community and SOMEbody take the boy since obviously his father and stepmother don't want him? Granny old mi nuh tink shi can do nutten so even though she guilty too for not going to police as a witness, is the man who create the boy and the woman he married I hold responsible.

And the people who KNOW what happening and don't just let the boy "hang out" at their house and invite him over for the night.

Omg...yuh si tings like this...when a bwoy like that grow up and want to escape the country now, you can't wrong him if him fool up a tourist and get a visa and gone...

smh Where do wards of the state go in Trinidad?