l'huille (anaconda) caught in Trinidad

actually anacondas live in the water too, so some of them come from South America, its only 7 miles and the water is pretty calm


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Meh PADO(Grandfather) used to cutlass dem ass regular when i was a l'il bai,as you know dem native to GT and they get a whole lot bigger than that,funny it never baddah me then but now!! Bolt self cyah ketch me if i see dat a road....:butcher:


yea.. some of them float the orinoco and float across as babies.. but the majority are indigenous to TnT.. our flora and fauna mirrors that of venezuela..


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I never understood why people scared of a Big SLOW snake.....it's dem cobra, viper, water marcasins, rattle snake, people need to be fraid' of.


no.. not at all.. an anaconda can still get you on land, if it hasnt fed then it's not that slow... if it has fed then the snake will chill... in land, you are a goner.....