LR, Nikki and other food critics


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when was the last time yall check out 125st for the cuisine
i had not been there in a long time and was there on Saturday

ate at sylvia's but there are some new places with side walk seating including Red Rooster - seem like its southern meets swedish &*LOL* - they have stuff with lingoberries on da menu

What's the deal on them new places ?


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I heard Sylvia is no good for a while now
yeah i was not impressed..... plus its not exactly healthy food choices..
.but its a brand and lots of tourists there
her daughter runs the place - she was very hands on , moving tables to set up for a large group

i like the fried catfish


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Even though Ms. Sylvia was nice, I thought her food was a little overrated.

The swedish is because of Marcus Samuelsson. Saw someone post a picture meeting him at the restaurant I think a couple of weekends ago.


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never really ventured to 125 st for cuisine....125 st, was just a place to get your hair braided as far as i was

i did go to a restaurant up there called Mobay...they had another Brooklyn restaurant and they both are closed now....i liked them

i did go to Sylvia's once back in the 90s and i wasn't impressed with it back then

as far as now.....nahhhhhhhh...rarely in harlem these days...unless i'm creeping thru in the late
but i heard Ms Sylvia was not one of the actual cook for yearsss

and everything taste like it comes from a pack or can

Amy Ruth is the one that everybody rating now


i was there last year... Sylvias is a tourist trap as far as i am concerned... Red Rooster from all accounts is good, i know both people who worked there and those who dined there.. me i havent been there yet but plan to get around to doing it sometime this year.. i dont feel like going uptown all the time lol...

I've had food at Londel's though and that food was ok.... but i feel as if it was also a tourist gimmick lol..

when i'm in harlem i go to Dinosaur BBQ, which i know for a fact has seen a change in the portion size... as with most food places, when popularity grows, sometimes that means food portions change and/or food doesn't taste as good.. (shout out to Ali's roti shop smh)..

swaggerific is right.. a lot of folks go to amy ruth's instead of sylvias now..

i want to try out Zoma's .. an ethiopian spot