Post in here things said or done in your country that you find strange or funny.


I find people naming hairstyles names like "gyal a rush me"
And giving colds and flus names according to what is topical at the time indeed strange and funny.


When you fall down as a child and they give you a glass of water to drink and sap yuh forrid and or knees with water (when you didn't even damage you head or knees):rolleyes:
women who go everywhere with 40 hair grips on dey head...or how people will go cinema, laugh throughout the whole movie and when it done dem bawl dat show was real shit!


where de crix
the multiple uses for the word bomb:

to make bomb - to prostitute oneself
to bomb a ride - to hitch a ride
to let go a bomb - to fart


people who are waiting on an elevator on the GROUND floor, to go to the FIRST floor... taking up space for someone who actually going to a higher floor.. wen dey cld just walk their lazy a$$ right dey right dey... :cuss

an u kno wat irks me the most.. sometimes they waiting ah whole 5 mins like everybody else.. complainging that the elevator taking forever to come.. wen u clda just walk up one flight ah steps... steups...:cuss

meen kno if tthis pertains to this tred.. buh that sh!t annoys me to pieces... :cuss