Previews Of a Belizean Short Film Coming Soon..


Black Madonna

Nah I've heard Guyanese. They have a different rhythm and they sound like they're angry all the time lol. It's mad different, thinking about it now.

Belizean people swing words, nasalize words that end with "m" ("them" sounds like "deh"), and the women kind of have a "sing-songy" thing going on. And "too" and "so" sound like "tuh" and "suh"

No offense to Guyanese, but please noh put dem pple wid we lol:
<iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="420"></iframe>
uggghhhh. classless. I couldnt even watch the whole gaad


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lol that's the ghetto in new amsterdam,that video is funny lol big up belize thougth looking forward to see the movie went it comes out.
Thanks. I wasn't trying to bash Guyanese at all. Everybody has those types in their country.

I'll keep people updated on this movie progress. It may pop up on Youtube too.