returning posessions at the end of a relationship


lol.. i'm not justifying anything..... i'm just amazed at how frequently you read a post by me and rush to reply.. i could go and post some random shit in the never-visited Religion forum, i bet a feisty reply from you may be forthcoming.. so that's why i'm laughing lol... everybody else could post whatever they want, you would reply to me YET claim i address you first? riiiiiiiight. jokes!


the usual need to go into details because it's the same song

Not a very proud moment but it felt good at the time...I had a Tina Tuner/ Waiting To Exhale moment *sigh*... I was hurt and had no use for the gifts, photos or any reminder of him so I packed every thing- at least two car loads of stuff from letters, stuffed animals,artwork, clothes, jewelry, computer, cell phone, photos- anything attached to him was given back to him...

the only thing I burned was the wedding program, dress & wedding photos...and I just got around to doing that this year (it will be 10 years in March)

With all that I will never be able to erase him from my life or my heart completely because we have a child together- and God fixed me cause she looks like him:taunt:
dangggg! i hope it didn't cost too much, but then again you just wear it for a day so...

breaking up is hard!

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Good luck with that. And yes I agree, I also would return something that was a symbol of a commitment when the commitment ceased.

And before anybody enters a commitment with me they'd know I am the sort who regarding certain circumstances I would ask them to go search in the path of a herd of charging elephants. So perhaps wherever you are, that is just one of the differences between you and me oui.
..and all of of this above is fine if this is who you are as a person, refer to my previous responses. I never tried to say who you were or what you should do or even implied we are the same.


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If you give someone you're marrying a family heirloom its not like you're actually giving it away since she/he is becoming part of your family anyway. If I have my wife and I give her some of my mother's old jewellery when we're married why would she keep it when we divorce?
LOL!! seriously, maybe should tell your wife to be that giving her your mom's family heirloom is not a token of affection and love, but a loan from the family.