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When someone suggested we do an issue of Metro featuring the wives of soca artistes we didn’t have to think about it for too long. With the immense popularity of VH1 shows such as Mob Wives, Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop, we thought it was only fitting to throw the spotlight on soca wives in the midst of the Carnival season. We assembled two wives, Noelle-Ann Penco-Marshall and Samantha Callendar, wives of Shal Marshall and Superjigga TC who have been close friends since childhood. In fact, it was Shal who introduced TC to his wife. The two were close friends for over ten years before saying “I Do” last year.

Noelle-Ann suggested we get Kerwin Du Bois’ fiancée Shelly Edwards involved too, since the shows we were modeling this
interview after don’t just feature spouses. Luckily for us, Shelly, a Canadian of Guyanese parentage, was in town for a couple days, having flown in to support Du Bois at the Soca Monarch semis. She and Noelle Ann have been friends since Shal and Du Bois did Gal Farm. Shelly’s inclusion evened things out since we already had another fiancée, Teri Leigh Bovell, Kees Dieffenthaller’s girlfriend of 11 years. Teri didn’t know the other girls but when she stepped into Scully’s Studio for the shoot, she immediately hit it off with the others, even borrowing a dress and shoes because she only came with one look. It wasn’t long before the women started comparing notes on various things including wedding preparations. That was when Metro jumped in.

Metro: Describe to us in one word what it is like being the significant other of a soca artiste.
Shelly: Pressure
Noelle-Ann: Stressful
Samantha: Intense
Teri: Sweet (laughter ensues as Noelle Ann shouts “You could tell you not married yet!”)

Metro: Why stressful, intense and pressure?
Samantha: Their schedule, the industry…
Noelle-Ann: And all that it comes with. Shelly and I are very involved with their careers. Shelly handles everything for instance: invoices, bookings, schedules, trying to figure out what they will wear for every performance…
Samantha: (Manager at a local preservatives company) Balancing a family and a full time job is challenging and trying to keep the relationship private and separate from their careers is a lot of work.

Metro: (Turning to Teri who is in makeup) So sweet huh?
Teri: So maybe sweet is not the answer (laughter). It’s challenging to keep the public and private life separate but it is also rewarding. We get perks others don’t get like fete tickets.
Samantha: But you don’t get to enjoy the fetes because you might only spend ten minutes in one place and as soon as they’re done performing you have to leave for another.

Metro: Let’s get to the juicy stuff, how do you deal with the groupies?
Shelly: I’ve learnt to ignore them.
Noelle-Ann: You learn to develop thick, thick skin fast but it takes a while.
Samantha: I don’t deal with it. Terrin knows me.
Teri: It’s a mixture of all. You have to have your confidence; you can’t offer what I do. Groupies only see one side. We know the sacrifice and turmoil that goes into their careers.

Metro: Your men must crave some normalcy off the stage. How do you keep them grounded?
Samantha: Constant communication. Terrin and I are very private, he’s different than the brand. He is very family oriented and we hardly do anything without my family or Shal’s family.
Teri: What she said.
Shelly: It’s easier for us because we don’t live here. Outside there people don’t know Kerwin Du Bois so we could go out without the attention.
Teri: I want to add that I try to instill prayer in the home.
Samantha: That too.
Teri: It is very, very important to keep your feet on the ground.
(Samantha interjects with story about Shal jumping out the car at last Sunday’s Soca Monarch with a bible in his hand. Praying, they said, is a must because there is so much drama in the industry)

Metro: How do you all deal with all the drama? Do you get involved?
Noelle-Ann: I stay out.
Teri: You don’t want to cultivate it. You want peace in the house and to offer solutions.
Samantha: Terrin tries to keep it out of the home, he’ll go to Shal to vent.
Noelle-Ann: Shal is the opposite, he’ll rant and rave, he needs to vent and I have to listen (laughter).

Metro: Speaking of drama, would you ever do a Soca Wives reality show?
Samantha: We were approached last year by Synergy TV but that is too much, Trinidad is too small.
Noelle-Ann: It’s your whole family on display; I like to be in the background.

(News of the Soca Monarch and Groovy Soca finalists come in and all four women rejoice that their guys have made it to the finals)

Metro: Do you think people respect you as the wives or just see you all as gold diggers?
Shelly: Kerwin and I have been together for eight years. I was with him before he became this Kerwin Du Bois.
Noelle-Ann: I was with Shal before he was on radio but that’s where the thick skin comes in. You have to know what to react to and what not to react to. Some fans don’t even see you there, they will just bounce you out of the way to get to him.
Samantha: I master that, I just step to the side (laughter).
Noelle-Ann: It’s good to have a friend, when you go out it could be really lonely. Before they perform they go into their zone and when they come off they need to cool down. Have a friend, walk with a buddy.
Teri: My sisters and I go everywhere together.

Metro: Your men tour a lot, how do you deal with it?
Noelle- Ann: I love it. Sometimes they don’t go for long, so when they go to work that’s my downtime, I could relax. We could eat Mac and Cheese all weekend because when Shal comes home he wants this and that to eat.
Samantha: When Terrin goes away I am very relaxed. On the flip side, it’s good to go with them.
Noelle-Ann: When we’re away it’s the best time ever. We have no commitments or distractions, just two of us in a hotel room, he holds my hand when we go out, it’s like a honeymoon.
Samantha: I love the shopping, the malls are the best.
Shelly: To me it’s hard. I have to explain to my three-year-old daughter where he is, when he’s coming back.
Teri: Touring for me is rough. I have so many things going on here that it’s hard for me to get away. It’s hard, you miss them terribly. Thanks to my family support I get by. When he’s here we are totally locked down.

Metro: How do you wind down after Carnival?
Noelle-Ann: We normally go on vacation right after Carnival, we go to Tobago. That “us” time makes you get over the “not us” time.
Teri: “Us” time
Samantha: Same here. This season was different maybe because we are married but Terrin makes an effort to create downtime where we could reconnect. He would say let’s have a date night or go to dinner somewhere.


Congrats to Kerwin and his new wife.

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They all look alike.

It's nice to put names to the faces and see who truly stands behind our soca artists. It's not easy dealing with groupies and I admire the fact most of them were honest, about it. Glad to know they keep God in their lives. As for Kerwin's lady I hate the fact everyone keeps dogging her because of her size. I know she's in the spotlight but shite she is a person too the comments on facebook were crazy. Anyhoot respect to the ladies behind the artist :)
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fixed that
You are dead wrong :dwarf: The first shot looks horrible they could have Photoshop/copy paste better. The magazine cover wasn’t bad. I blame the photographer; perhaps they could have change the lighting/background, and maybe have them dress in similar colors or something. The magazine is frigged up for mentioning Fay Ann as the ultimate Soca Wife reason begin they should have invited her on the set or just don’t mention her at all. Yes she's the wife of a soca artist, and she's an artist as well but there was no need to mention her if she wasn't present.
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Kerwin look like he attending a fete instead of getting married...he wasn't hot in all dem clothes he got the pants foot to roll up is beyond me...we all know she had to cut him out dem pants when dey reach home :rofl:


LOL Some of allyuh is rhel jokes on here yes.:kicks Well Kes woman of 11years is a diva. Looks like they are also going to join the married rankings soon as well. Congrats to them as well they look happy. I don't blame them for trying to keep the general public out of their private lives.

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Teri-Leigh Bovell takes a wine on her soon to be husband Kees Diffenthaller at a recent Carnival performance. Photo: Andre Alexander

Kees tight-lipped on wedding plans | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper
Kees tight-lipped on wedding plans

Soca artiste Kees Dieffenthaller and his longtime girlfriend, 29-year-old model and actress, Teri-Leigh Bovell, are reportedly about to tie the knot. Fresh from his highly-anticipated New York performance held last weekend at the Best Buy Theatre in Times Square, Dieffenthaller is rumoured to be ready to enter into the next stage of life—marriage.

Sources say the entertainer and Bovell, who was featured in the February edition of Metro Magazine’s Soca Wives, have reportedly been together for the past 11 years and are to tie the knot at “a secret location very soon.” However, contacted for comment yesterday, the 30-year-old Wotless singer, who placed fifth at this year’s International Groovy Soca Monarch Competition, chose to remain tight-lipped, stating that he preferred not to divulge any information about “this chapter of our lives.”

Dieffenthaller said he wanted to “keep things cool” and asked that the media respect his decision not to comment. Dieffenthaller shot into the international spotlight last year when his signature group Kes The Band appeared and performed on Good Day NY on the US television network, FOX, in September.

“We were kinda surprised that a lot of people on the streets knew who we were. We would be in the subway and all of a sudden end up signing autographs,” he said in a previous interview. And just last month, the 2011 Groovy Soca Monarch’s name was on the tips of many tongues for his groundbreaking collaboration with hip hop sensation Snoop Dogg on the song, Stress Away.

It was the first time that the multi-platinum rapper, real name, Calvin Broadus, was featured on a soca track. Shortly after the song was released, Dieffenthaller said the world was becoming “more acquainted with T&T and soca music,” and stated that the time had come for local artistes to seize every opportunity to expand their horizons.

“Soca and T&T are actually on a buzz right now. People are looking to collaborate with Trinidad and we need to take advantage of it,” he said.
Pebbles, ah feel u always wanted to be a Soca wife inno, u only focusing on dis thread.

Terri rel biatchyy so I know she does give Kes level boss up

Terri bossing up Kes
Fay bossing up Bunji

ah hear Shal does manners he wife.


Pebbles, ah feel u always wanted to be a Soca wife inno, u only focusing on dis thread.

Terri rel biatchyy so I know she does give Kes level boss up

Terri bossing up Kes
Fay bossing up Bunji

ah hear Shal does manners he wife.
LOL Nah I don't date celebs. I does just get kicks off they groupies who get jealous. But I don't have the patience to deal with groupies on a regular basis. I would end up in jail for hitting someone with a bat for trying to disrespect me. :ph34r: