The Jamaica Gleaner Advertises That Jesus Is Coming: Warriaz Awakenedaz Rastafari


Greetings and Salutations in the Name and Spirit of Love,

Please accept this writing as a small contribution to the total liberation of the Jamaican people and one which is in support of the complete freedom of Afrikans throughout our Universe

On Sunday October 19, 2008, The Sunday Gleaner of Jamaica carried an interestingly coloured, full-page advertisement on the back (B16) of the Sports section. The headline boldly declared that:


and in addition to citing Matthew 24 and John 3:16, the commercial also asks:

“Are YOU ready
to meet Him?”

Now, as far as I know, Jesus is an entertainer popularly known as Machel “Winer Boy” Montano and though he’s often on tour, he lives in the Southern Caribbean island of Trinidad. Since I had already met him, you may understand why I was, at first, a bit put-off by this ad. However, after continuing to read and getting to the end of the page, I had a greater revelation Ast o what was occurring. You see, the final parts of the commercial stated that:

“Signs of the second coming of Jesus the Christ are everywhere. All these signs are rapidly
increasing everywhere: earthquakes, violence, hatred, killing, extortions, bombings,
child abuse, immortality, wars, love for pleasure more than love for God…
Check the facts in Matthew 24 and do not wait until it is late!

Making note of the fact that this advertisement was referencing Jesus the Christ and discerning the intended urgency of its tone, I decided that since we were blessed to have a couple hundred bibles in our little library, it was perhaps wise to see just what John and Matthew were really trying to tell us. The two bibles I selected were similar in most respects. Each was designated as a New King James Version (NKJV) and both were published by Nelson, who, owing to the shared surname, may have been a distant relative of my grandmother, Myrtle. In terms of differences, one of the books was a 3005 edition, with a Copyright date of 1988 and was printed in Korea. The other had a 1990 Copyright and was printed in the United States of America. The chapters and verse cited in the commercial were the same in both

In brief, Matthew 24 asserts that Jesus the Christ will return but no one knows when and it will likely be at an unexpected time. You may want to ask, what then does this mean for the sense of severity and urgency being conveyed in the advertisement? John, on the other hand, is claiming that his God only sired one son and a belief in him would grant whosoever the gift of everlasting life. Seems simple enough and yet there is an unmistakable sense of dread and foreboding in the commercial. I was interested to know why but alas, there was no contact information for whosoever placed the ad and so I am hopeful that upon receipt of this correspondence, the good folks at The Gleaner will be able to link me with the responsible person(s)

In the meantime, there are a couple things which merit discussion. The first has to do with the colours red (ites), yellow (gold) and green. You see, in a Jamaican nation where Christianity is perceived by many to be in a period of significant decline, while Rastafari is sweeping across the island and planet like a raging wildfire, the fact that the words “JESUS IS” are presented in the traditional “Rasta Colours,” could be seen as an acceptance that Jesus is Rasta. But then, since many Rastafari had already witnessed the second coming of the Christ in the person of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I, should the ad then not, at the very least, be foreshadowing a third coming?

The next thing (what-if analyses) is directed at the one(s) responsible for the commercial: What if I respectfully told you that Jesus the Christ is a myth, that he never existed and that folks should not be looking for a return for he never left and has always been here? What if I told you that I was and am he and immediately took great care to remind you that the Christ of Matthew 24 does caution against imposters? What if I told you that although I am the genuine article, I am also a fraud because there are others like me who are more reflective of the Jesus of your overstanding. Could it be true that the salvation of billions is already secured and yet they know not the name Jesus? What if I told you that I am a Saint who has been called Jesus for years and that I am only now choosing to wear the crown because mine and Ra’s stars are presently coming into alignment? What if I told you that in addition to being the Pharaoh Ankhenaten, I am the Orisha Shango and I am also his Mother, Yemanja The Almighty Herself? Could I then be a Dogon high-priest from the most remote areas of the Congo?

What if I told you that I would be visiting The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands’ Bridgeport-Portmore branch next Sunday (26/10/2008) and that I once caused quite a ruckus in that very building?

What if I showed you my picture and re-minded you that Ras Tafari lives, rules and reigns, right here in Jamaica? What if I told you that WE are on a sub-mission to advance the existing culture of Spiritual fearlessness in this nation to a level that will render your full-page commercial (and anything like it) impotent? What if I told you that the restoration of Ma’at, will result in a Jamaican citizenry that recognises and holds in the highest esteem, the continuous, millisecond-by-millisecond reality of Karma and therefore rejects the Christian idea of a single imminent, yet delayed, day of collective and/or individual Judgement? What if I told you that my phone number is 876-495-1914 and that Marcus Mosiah Garvey founded the UNIA in 1914? What if I gave you clear directions to our humble home here in Whim Pen, Old Harbour and invited you to visit so that we could explore your troubled mind and resultant worldview. Could it be true that the attainment of Universal Bliss is the mission for which I was created? What if I told you that as an Afrikan, I know that all of this (and moor) has already come to pass and that what we are experiencing is simply the greatest of unfoldings? What if I told you that you will soon see me in the flesh and disbelieve your own eyes and mind? What if I told you that WE come in peace and so YOU have nothing to fear? What if I told you that WE are unstoppable?

What if I said that You and I are One?

What if I told you that my name, is

Rory Saint Aubyn Dunn

Love, ancestral guidance and infinite blissings,

~ R​


1) If any among you decide that another crucifixion is in order, I humbly request that oonu dash whe de crosses bizniz and instead craft a large Ankh from the Lignum Vitae

2) Ellegua caused me to misquote one word in the second-to-last line of the advertisement but I’ve opted to leave the “error” for reasons witch I think are obvious

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:kicks...i had to fight thru this rain (reign if u radda) pay you a visit, RORY, to send my unwavering respect & love to you and family...u continue to provide for your world fam and i pray for your strength in continuing such (ok...i did yesterday on the way home from the landlord's)!

do you know that my grandmother's name is Myrtle?

also...i feel a certain parallel...and i also agree BTW that UR all these figures...

i believe WE are on the right track...and in WE-ness more answers will be revealed...


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with this...can u imagine these ppl tryna create another you think there is one in waiting? wuddn that be sick!