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Islandmix Peeps...Whaaaaaaagwan!

It's good to see my daily online soap is back in full effect. Just a little many of you checked here everyday to see if backchat was back online? Come on now don't lie, you know you did. It's all good cause I know I did :)

Anyways despite it's a little bit late, I wanted to big up all those I saw in Miami(Tony and de Natural Freaks Crew, Aerostar, Foreign Bass, Millinium Crew(Tony), De Boyz from Hells Kitchen, Brent, King Chow & Young Chow(Patrick) and especially, Sound Vibration & Crew and Back to Basics(thanks plenty palos). Allyuh treat meh real good as usual.

All in all, Miami Carnival was a nice trip. The Boat cruise on Saturday was kinda nice(...ah was playin an t'ing so I forgot to take pics *steups*). Coconut Grove was also wicked...20,000 people in one party, like WOH!!!! De road was nice as well "...You make me waaaaannaaaaaaa..."

If anyt'ing try an pass by to check out the Miami and Edmonton Pics. There would also be some 2000 Vincy tracks up by Tuesday. And coming soon is a section called virtu-fete, which is going to be sound clips from some of the parties we've done in the past year or so.

Well ah gone for now so until we bounce up...
Hold Tight Zeeeeeeeeeen!

D' Bandit from KOS


yo, bandit what's da deal kid, i need to get in touch with you asap, so drop me a number so i could get in contact, tony..nf2000