This not good



when u reach home tonight, take a nice warm bath, with sea salt and the whole kit and go to bed... seems like all you need is a good night "dans les bras de morphee"
sorry i don't know if the english language as a translation for that!!!


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Desperado said:
Alright !seriously when was the last time you ain't ah full meal
hmmmm what you talking about food Desper? If it is food you talking about is yesterday afternoon. I ate meh mommy Sunday lunch.


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since saturday?! go to the dr, can never be too sure nah! unless this happens to you often?? it could be your sinus is free here, so any rass and i by de dr oui, but it might be different for you in the states. have you been taking extra strength in the aleve and motrin? i usually take extra-strength tylenol...