when your favorite soca artist sing a shite song ........

.... do you agree that its shite, or you keep convincing yourself that de song go grow on you..... or even better de song is best just cause its sung by so and so :rofl
( i am not talking about any specific artist)


Repect Our Soca Pioneers
I would tell them that their song is $hit but in a very diplomatic way!

In fact what I tend to do is play their song on my radio show alongside maybe two other better new songs and ask listeners which tunes should I keep and which tune should I bin?

That way they can't blame me for binning their $hit song, the public voted and decided their song was $hit and my job is to please the public.

I would also advise them as a friend to go back to the drawing board and to come better with their next release if they want to get the thumbs up from the listening public! :good:


Earth Angel
It is what it is...

...but juss cause some people feel a song is shyte doesn't mean everyone else does. But dais a next subject...

Lynch HD

Higher Level
As an artiste they would know you can't please everybody. What is crap to some may be better to another. Nobody here on islandmix have the final say on what is gold or not.

Fuh instance I wouldn't put that song Iwer singing in finals but hey, some people like that sorta tune..