Where allyuh going for vacation for the summer ? Post pics and was it worth it.


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Just got back from Boston and Worcester carnivals

There were pre jouvert shootings so they trying to blame and shut down future jouvert
But the jouvert was small but all Steel band which is good


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Anyone been to Dominican Republic? Heard that it's a really nice place for a vacation but it seems to be a bit exotic to me so I am not really sure if it would be a good idea to go there.


You just have to take a look at www.blueparadise-dr.com . I haven't event hought that such resorts exist in real life but when my good friend showed me the website and suggested to try out going there, I decided to give it a shot and we weren't disappointed at all.


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Hi, I personally love America very much and everything related to it. In the summer, a vacation in California is simply wonderful; it will be an option for you. Moreover, you can rent a car enterprise san francisco and just ride. After all, there are places like the Grand Canyon, Vegas, and many others. So America is the right option.