Young blacks being targeted, police brutality in T&T. what allyuh think bout this?

Mrs. Campbell

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The biggest problem preventing a solution is corruption, when you have some badboy police renting out guns to the gangsters things won't change. When you have politicians keeping meetings with gang leaders making things into a puppet show, that's not looking for a solution. Somebody letting the guns, coke etc pass through.

Think about it, gangsters emptying their guns killing people. where they getting bullets to restock? It sure eh the little local man. Many people use stores and food chains to disguise their main operations. Anytime a gang leader get kill the police knew he was a leader when you read or hear the news.
Said it before......

"My drugs are transported in police vehicles" - The late Dole Chadee


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So if the government is that corrupt, how do you guys see the country being steered in a different direction?


Are the police in Trinidad mostly East Indian or Black?


How about, is the GOVERNMENT in TRINIDAD MOSTLY........
Even the government doesn't exert total control over the police forces, so is the police force in Trinidad Indian,black, or half & half.