Your last meetings with girls, how was it?


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Your last meetings with girls, how was it? I wonder how people communicate in the age of the Internet.


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I would advise going to the mountains, with a tent and a bike! It's a great time to have a good time, and I actually go out with my girlfriend and get some sexual toys to spice up the trip;) That would be a good walk!


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What a crap advertisement all the time! Why are these pipsaw ####################es being advertised everywhere, I just take it quietly because the bike is more important than the nonsense we are constantly feeding on, no, seriously, I just can't stand such nonsense!


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I remember washing in the shower that led spontaneous passionate sex. Also, I agree that sex toys are the main part of any good sexual relationship. Sharing my own experience is the best help I can give you. You should definitely visit this catalog. The outstanding pleasure is to see an escort woman coming with the help of a vibrator or a phallus toy.


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My last meeting with a girl was at my place. I made her a romantic dinner and we went to bed. It was the most beautiful evening. I gave her a watch and a dress. And she presented me a suit for my office.


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