Zouk Legend Eric Brouta dead at 53


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Apparently this is true. I just heard this on Haitian radio. Sad. Another one bites the dust.

Eric Brouta is dead. The 53 year Zouk Legend who gained huge popularity during the 70′s and 80′s during a period many describe as the golden years of zouke died in Paris on Thursday.

Along with Fred Fanfant, Edouard Benoit, Alain Gervais, Tanya Saint-Val, Tatiana Miath, Frederic Caracas, Luc Léandry, Francky Vincent, Zouk Machine, Chiktay, Jean-Jacques Gaston and others The Guadeloupian singer/songwriter/producer/arranger was considered among the platinum elites of Zouke Music.

Brouta began his musical career as a drummer in a small group called Smoke in 1977. He also played drums for Franky Vincent, Experience 7 and Taboo No. 2.

In 1985 he released a song in collaboration with Frédéric Caracas named ‘Cheche-mwen.’

His solo career began in 1985 and became an indelible part of Creole Caribbean music heritage with his hit song ‘Telephone’ released in 1988.

He also worked with legendary producer Henry Debs, the man credited for helping introduce Dominica’s indigenous music, Cadence, to a larger audience.


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RIp. I have a couple of his albums, plus numerous collaborations with other artists.

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