Antigua Drug Busts Estimates Worth At US$1,000,000

Two persons allegedly involved in a drug operation were taken into custody after Antigua’s Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) declared to have seized more than EC$37,000,000 (US$1,000,000) in illegal drugs earlier this week. The ONDCP described the coup of 480 kilos of cocaine as the largest in the Caribbean in recent memory.

“This recent success follows the seizure of approximately 2300 pounds of cannabis that carried an estimated street value of EC $37 million and the arrest of the Jamaican crew comprising of six (6) men who are presently awaiting trial in the High Court,” the ONDCP said in a statement.

“This seizure represents the single largest seizure of cocaine by Caribbean Law Enforcement agencies in recent times. In 2010, the ONDCP then seized over 900 kilos of cocaine from three Columbian men and one Venezuelan man. At the conclusion of the trial the captain of the vessel received 14 years imprisonment and a record fine of EC $385.6 million,” the statement added.

Prime Minister Gaston Brown congratulated the agency on its finding and quickly reiterated his new administration’s zero tolerance as it relates to drug trafficking and other related offences. Director of the ONDCP, Edward Croft said he was pleased with the organization’s work which has improved significantly offer the last six months. He also noted that the amount of work done by the ONDCP has often been underestimated and attributed the success of other Law Enforcement agencies as primarily dependent on his organization.

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